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Requesting NHR Portugal Online

Do you want to experience the easiest process of requesting NHR? Then, it is advisable to take a look at this article. The most thorough and careful explanation is going to be suggested here. Feel free to plunge into the world of useful info!

What Should You Start with?

The very beginning of the process is finding the assistants who will be ready to initiate the NHR- getting for you. It may not be very easy but this is what you need to bear in mind when trying to come across those who will not let you down:

  • The price is neither too cheap nor too crazy. Study several offers and choose something in between speaking of the cost of the services;
  • If you visit the official website of the intermediary, everything is going to be clear to you there. This refers to the description of the services and costs (they are not presented everywhere but at least, you should be able to use the contacts section to learn more info about the price);
  • The reviews of those who have already worked with an intermediary are mostly positive;
  • You get a proper and fast answer to any question that you ask on the official site of the provider of the service.

If you see that everything is okay, it is time to request NHR status as soon as possible! 

Find out What Documents You Have to Provide

The list may vary a bit depending on who you pick for collaboration. But normally, it will look more or less the same way. This is what has to be ready in advance:

  • Residence permit in Portugal or EU passport;
  • NIF (do not panic if you do not have it yet; the majority of those who help with getting an NHR status will also be eager to help you with receiving NIF just in a few days);
  • Proof of tax address in Portugal (you may either enclose a rental contract or the statement about your own property if this takes place);
  • Bank statement (the smallest sum here is 9500 EUR) that has to be relevant for the day when you deal with the NHR-applying process (one or two days before are going to be just fine).

So, this is it. Not too much, right? If you get all of this ready, you are not going to experience any global problems. 

At the same time, as you study the list of what you have to present, something may be unclear to you. Do not ignore this and ask the intermediary in a direct way.

What Happens After You Have Found the Provider?

Well, not too much is left to do, to tell the truth. You are certain about your choice and already know what documents you have to present in order to start the process and finally get your NHR Portugal

Now, make sure everything is ready and follow the page of the site (that refers to those you are working with) that is devoted to this kind of service. By the way, in most cases, the help is going to include not only assistance with the NHR status but also support within the whole procedure.

As soon as you apply for NHR on such a site, you will have to state specific data about yourself. It is your name, info about NIF, picking the country of previous tax residence, and so on. Note that some other data may be required from you, and you should be ready to present it in the most accurate form ever.

As long as this is done, it is time to pay for the services. This is a matter that worries those who intend to apply for NHR status a lot. So, you ought to pay attention to the fact that it is okay to pay quite a relevant sum of cash for the professional services of people who have been doing this for a long time. The fine price is about 500 euros. Such services will allow you to decrease what you owe to the government of Portugal speaking of taxes. Despite the way it sounds, everything is legal here.

It is your right to take a look at the competitors and compare the cost. But the intention to save money may result in less convenience for you. For instance, you might have to wait longer which can be unacceptable in some cases.

After you are done with the payment, simply wait till the service is delivered to you. Two or three weeks is the average time that is going to be necessary. It means that very soon, you will have your NHR status for sure!

Good luck with applying for NHR! Make the right decision when picking the fine provider of this type of service!