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What You Need to Know about Keeping Traditional Elements in Your Home

If you are lucky enough to own a period property, you will probably want to retain and restore the traditional features that come with the home. These elements can include sash windows, tall ceilings, original fireplaces which you can buy on, and ornate coving. Here is a short guide to different types of traditional elements and how you can maintain them in your home.

Sash Windows

When it comes to old houses that belong to, or are influenced by, the Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian period, sash windows are a common feature. Traditionally, sash windows slide open rather than swing open on a hinge. They are generally made up of two sashes that slide from side to side or up and down. Sash windows often consist of smaller panes, and they offer an elegant, classic look to a home. Original, wooden sash windows are crafted in timber, and they are an ideal choice for ventilation. The sliding sash design offers a cooling convection flow and can reduce the amount of dust in the air in your home. Wandsworth Sash Windows offer stunning, bespoke sash windows in East London and can refurbish, repair, upgrade and replace timber windows too.

High Ceilings

Many old houses feature jaw-dropping, high ceilings that look incredibly impressive when paired with excellent interior design. Not only do high ceilings offer a feeling of grandeur and the illusion of spaciousness, but they also give you the opportunity to furnish the space with a variety of decorations. With a tall ceiling, you have more interior design options to play with. For example, you have more space for elaborate light fixtures and wall d├ęcor. Not to mention, with tall ceilings, you can create a fantastic feature wall and truly make a statement in your home. In addition, properties with high ceilings generally benefit from better ventilation and added natural light due to extra windows.


Old Victorian fireplaces bring to mind feelings of warmth, coziness, and luxury. For owners of period properties, they are a number one feature. They make brilliant statement pieces and are a firm feature favorite in most period houses. They are also functional in providing adequate heat on a cold night too. Some old fireplaces can be restored with a coat of good quality paint, polish and new tiles, if necessary. If your fireplace requires a little more TLC to get it going, then make sure the chimney is swept before first use. A chimney sweep can offer advice on any renovations and repairs your fireplace needs.

Ornate Cornicing

Cornicing, also known as coving, describes the decorative, architectural moldings that run around the edge of a room. They are a decorative touch which are iconic to Victorian-style housing. This staple feature can also appear around light fixtures in a room. An ornate cornice is a prized feature that is often revered in period properties. However, over the years, many homeowners simply paint over the original cornice. This is a waste as the original cornice patterns cannot be seen beneath the thick layers of paint. To restore, simply strip back the paint until you get an even, smooth finish.