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Can You Play Slots Online on Social Media?

The gambling industry secured its future by moving brands and operations online in the 1990s. However, this media savvy industry did not stop there, it continues to keep one eye on trends and possible future trends as well and this is why it has a presence on social media channels.

Social media has exploded in popularity and millions of people use social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis. Other industries promote their services on these channels and gambling brands do exactly the same – click to visit.


Facebook has been targeted by the gambling industry for many years, even back in 2014 a real money Poker game was organized through this particular social media channel. Social gambling is the term used to describe such events and over 60% of all social media gambling has taken part on Facebook. The problem is that real money gambling is only permitted in a few countries through Facebook, many countries do not allow real gambling on their countries Facebook platforms. This means that slots and table games can only be played in demo mode. Obviously, this is still a form of advertising for the slots themselves and the brands that stock these titles. Therefore, many potential punters are actually playing gambling games for free and then seeking out the real thing at online casinos. 

Business Sense 

It is thought that if more real money gambling was allowed on such sites, their popularity would be boosted further and so would their stock prices. However, there is the possibility that social media channels could face a public backlash if real money slots gambling was made freely available on Facebook and other similar sites. For now, most slots playing on social media is of the free variety with friends, using specific apps. You can also gift each other virtual coins to play the games but until there is a law change, this is as close to real slots play, social media channels allow. It would be great for both sides though, business wise, if gambling with real cash was more widely available. 

  • You can play free slots on social media channels 
  • Real money gambling on social media channels is not allowed in most countries 
  • You can form social gaming groups where friends can play slots for free in a social setting 

Final Thoughts 

The gambling industry will continue to target social media with a presence of some sort, even if it is a casino brand Facebook group and with new channels opening, advertising products and services including free slots play, can attract millions of new players to the real thing. Whether groups of friends could ever play slots games with real money on social media channels is all down to the law and possible law changes. However, recent new law changes to protect the public from problem slots gambling does not bode well for those who one day wish they can freely play slots for real with their friends on social media sites.