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New Sleep Revolution–Elegear Arc-chill Cooling Hypo-Allergic Blanket

Insomnia can be a frustrating nightmare, and it makes it difficult for you to rest at night. This leaves you with anxiety and fatigue all through. However, the Elegear arc-chill cooling blanket is the new night revolution. This blanket is made to absorb heat during warm nights.  It is made with Japanese cooling technology, and its cool sensing value exceeds 0.4, making it the best sleep blanket. In addition, its striped pattern gives it a distinctive look and here are some of the reasons you should consider buying it.

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Features and Benefits.


The top of Elegear arc-chill blanket has a fabric that is woven with an arc-chill cooling yarn. This feature helps in quick moisture transfer from the skin to the fabric’s surface, which leads to evaporation, leaving your skin feeling cool, dry, and comfortable making it easy for the hot summer season. On the other hand, the blanket is 100% cotton, and therefore it sorts you during the spring and autumn. In addition, its cooling comfort pampers your skin and lures you into a deep sleep.


Elegear arc-chill cooling blanket has many color and size for different needs. It is suitable for kids, adults, elders, even babies. It can be used when camping or to travel on air. Its versatility allows you to tag it no matter where you are going. Moreover, you can depend on this blanket anytime you want an extra soft and comfortable touch. This feature, therefore, makes it suitable for outdoor and in-house use.

Easy to Maintain

A good sleep blanket should be easy to clean and maintain, and the Elegear arc-chill blanket is not short of that. It is machine washable and dries very fast. However, it would be wise to put it in a laundry net bag so that it doesn’t get entangled and damaged. In addition, the blanket is not only made for the summer season; you can use it during the autumn or spring seasons since they adjust depending on the temperatures. Once you purchase the Elegear arc-chill blanket, it will serve both cool and warm purposes.

An All Night Cool Blanket

With its Japanese Q-Max 0.4 arc-chill cooling fibers, this sleep blanket absorbs body heat efficiently. The feature does this by reducing the temperature of your skin from 2 to 5 degrees instantly. It makes you cool and comfortable without perspiration. Therefore, your mornings will be restful, refreshed, and with a dry comfort with no sweaty smell.


The Elegear arc-chill blanket is the new sleep revolution. Once you purchase it, you will always look forward to getting home and pampering yourself into sleep. This sleep blanket is easy to care for, ideal for autumn, spring, and summer season, and it is also versatile.  With Elegear arc-chill cooling blanket, your nights will never be the same. You can also gift it to a loved one on their birthday anniversary or Christmas day and transform their nights. So buy this blanket and get value for your money.

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