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Things That You Need to Know About the Medicare Part D

If you are one of the Medicare beneficiaries, then you must be aware of the fact that you have the option to select and enroll into the Medicare part D. This would help you to get help with the prescription drug cost. You can take advantage of the Medicare prescription drug by two ways. The first one is that if you have the original Medicare that is part A or part B, then the Medicare part D is not included automatically. Rather you need to enroll in the plan known as the stand-alone Medicare prescription drug. It will work all along with the original Medicare benefit.

Moreover, if you have the Medicare part C, then you can easily get the prescription drug benefit simply by enrolling to the Medicare advantage plan, and you will find that the coverage is included automatically. If you opt for the Medicare advantage prescription drug plan, then you will have the option with you to get the Medicare health and also the prescription drug benefit covered. And the best part is that it will be covered all under one plan. But if you want to get the Medicare part D coverage, then you need to approach the private insurance companies because it is available only to them as they have contracted by the Medicare. This is the reason why the cost and the availability differ between the Medicare plans.

Let us understand the eligibility criteria for the Medicare part D prescription drug coverage. You are eligible for the Medicare part D enrolment if you have already enrolled in the Medicare part A or the Medicare part B. Other than this, you must also live in the service area of the Medicare plan, which includes prescription drug coverage. Now if you find that you are eligible for the Medicare part D then you can simply enroll for the stand alone Medicare prescription drug plan during a certain time:

  • The initial enrollment period for part D – It is the time interval when you are first eligible for the Medicare prescription drug coverage. Usually, this period starts three months before when you are about to turn sixty five years of age. This even includes the birthday month and the period exists until the ending three months. Thus in total, you will have seven months in hand to enroll during the initial period. But if you are eligible for Medicare through disability, then you are eligible three months before you complete twenty four months of disability.
  •  Annual election period – The annual election period starts from the fifteenth of October till the seventh of December. This period gives you a yearly opportunity to make changes for the Medicare part D coverage. Moreover, if you have not signed up till that time, then you opt for a new one too. If you want, then you can also switch Medicare plans as makes changes as per your requirement.

  •  Medicare dis-enrollment period – The dis-enrollment period starts from the first of January to the fourteenth of February. If you have enrolled in the Medicare part C and you want to disenroll, then it is the perfect time for you. You cannot only disenroll but at the same time, you can also return to the original Medicare services. Apart from this during this period, you can also make changes to the Medicare part D coverage.

Apart from the detailed discussed above if you want to know more about the Medicare part D, then you need to browse

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