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Derek Peth – The Bachelor in Paradise

Derek Peth is a former cast member and finalist of the 12th season of The Bachelorette show competing to win Jojo Fletcher’s heart.
Derek Peth featured in the 12th season of The Bachelorette making his first debut on the TV after leaving his bank job to come on air and compete to win. The show’s ultimate price was winning Jojo Fletcher’s heart of which Derek came out second to Jordan Rodgers, who won the season.
Peth has also featured in The Bachelor in Paradise in its fourth season.

It is a mystery to many if Derek Peth returned to his former banking job or he opted to pursue a career on the TV screen.

Derek Peth: Early Life

Derek Peth was born on December 6th, 1987 in Waverly, Iowa. He went to Waverly-Shell High School. Later on, he proceeded to Wartburg College, an Evangelical Lutheran Church Liberal arts college in the state of Iowa. He was a sports person and he won the NCAA all American awards three times in both track and field events. He was also inducted into the Wisconsin High School Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame. His father Dick Peth is a basketball coach.

Before joining the world of reality TV, Derek Peth worked as a commercial banker at a local bank. It is unclear if Derek returned to his banking job soon after the bachelorette or not.

In 2017, Derek Peth got engaged to Taylor Nolan and together they are set to be married later on. Both of them met on Bachelor Paradise which was hosted in Mexico.

Derek Peth has a close relationship with his family more so his mother Maria and sister Rachel. He is also a singer and loves to play the guitar and uses his Instagram and YouTube channel to show some of his musical prowess.

Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan: Rumors

Just recently, it was rumored that the two could be facing a hard time in their relationship and that it was not going well. This was noticed during a bachelorette party for Derek’s sister Rachel that Derek and Taylor attended.

According to sources at the party, Taylor was not wearing her engagement ring and that she started to get cozy and flirty with one of the guys in the party. She kept moving on tables with some of her friends and chatting with them without mentioning she was engaged to Derek.

Before this, during an interview with Life and Style, Taylor made it clear that everything between him and Derek was fine and that both of them were on good terms. She further said that both of them are taking things one step at a time and getting to know each other very well and in detail. They are still learning to know each other better and how each of them handles real-life situations.

Derek Peth says that he is taking it slow to and giving it time to grow naturally.

Derek Peth: Issues at the Bachelor in Paradise

The TV series generated a lot of excitement amongst the fans who were eagerly waiting for the show to return for its fourth season. However, before it could air, the show was bedeviled by a drama that threatened to stop its filming.

In June 2017, the production for the show was halted temporarily to allow for investigations to be conducted for alleged show misconduct. The investigation later revealed that Corinne Olympics and DeMario Jackson both contestants on the show were the ones involved in the misconduct.
After the investigations, the show was cleared to continue production and it successfully aired on TV. Derek Peth featured in the fourth season of The Bachelor in Paradise that was produced in Mexico. Fans were really given a sigh of relief when the show was cleared to continue production.

The TV reality show is now set for its fifth season and we expect more good things.

Derek Peth: Talks about Marriage and Career

Earlier this year during a talk show interview, Taylor and Derek opened up about their plans together after the two got engaged towards the tail end of The Bachelor in Paradise season 4. It was evident that both of them had a thing for each other as they were always seen together most of the time during the show.

On quizzed about their plans to get married, both of them said they are fully focused on their respective careers and at the same time working on the relationship. The two have yet to set a date for their much-awaited wedding and it won’t be a surprise 2018 ends with the couple getting married.

Derek Peth Loves Wallpics Mixtiles Stickable Photo Tiles For Walls. Recently moved to New York City from Iowa to pursue a career at a company known as Laurel Road. Taylor is currently residing in Seattle and many believed Derek could move in with her. They both stressed that cohabitation was not on the discussion table and that it will take a while for such a move to happen even though Derek himself was open to moving to Seattle.

At the moment, the pair has emphasized the need to take things slow and to finally get married at the right time when they are fully comfortable. They say that they are fully focused on their careers but are also trying their best to make the relationship work.

It was expected that they would soon follow in the footsteps of couples and former participants of The Bachelor in Paradise, Tanner, Jade Tolbert, Carly and Evan Bass who met on the show.

So many are still waiting for the big announcement and it’s our hope that it will come soon. Despite the distance, both of them are still keeping the fire burning with their last December trip to Hawaii for Derek’s birthday.

At the moment, Derek and Taylor are busy focusing on their careers and we are hoping that they will be able to get their issues sorted out and finally get married as it is what their fans are waiting for.