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The Winter Diet to Help Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Winter diets can be difficult to stick to particularly when snacking is all you really want to do around the festive season, but with a few simple changes to your diet, you can begin to care for your hair, without having to give up on the sweet treats that you love so much. For those that are experiencing a large amount of hair loss, one of the many methods suggested by many medical professionals includes staying on top of your vitamins and minerals that help support your hair and can help you maintain healthy hair growth with long-lasting results. With many pharmaceutical distribution companies providing a hair and nail vitamin as well as many other medications to help you with this, it is no easier than ever to look and feel great throughout the winter months. In this article, we will be providing you with the perfect winter diet for healthy hair growth.


When looking for traditional winter warmers that are great for your hair, look not better than oatmeal. With a number of berries and a drizzle of honey, this is the perfect way to start the day for your mind, body and your hair! Whether you bring it to the office to enjoy or you find time in the morning to sit down and tuck in, you can enjoy this amazing breakfast and reap the benefits for your hair every time.

Carrots And Sweet Potatoes

Another food that is the perfect way to stay healthy, warm and looking great is by using carrot and sweet potato. Whether this is in a hotpot or alongside other vegetables during your roast dinner, this can all help to keep you looking and feeling great in the warmer weather and can even be saved for the day after. Whether you decide to have them in a number of dishes per week or as a substitute to roast potatoes in your Sunday dinner, you will be sure to have amazing taste coupled with amazing qualities for your hair, making this the perfect combination.

Dark Chocolate

For a sweet treat in the winter, why not opt for chocolate. With dark chocolate not only tasting great but benefitting the hair due to the number of antioxidants you can begin to have the perfect hair in no time at all. Though all sweet treats should be enjoyed in moderation, this can help to keep the hair healthy without using too many harsh chemicals. Whether you have just a small bar per week, or you incorporate it into a hot chocolate drink, this can help to keep the hair healthy throughout the winter months, leaving you ready and waiting for the summer sun.


Yet another winter warmer that is great for the hair is Eggs, whether they are scrambled, sunny side up or on toast, this can help you to remain healthy and add shine to the hair with ease. Due to the high amount of protein that are found in eggs, you can begin to produce keratin in the hair adding volume and strength that is needed when being battered by the harsh weather conditions as this will prevent hair loss over time as well as prevent breakage when wearing hats and scarves as this can lead to the hair looking dull.

Regardless of the food that you decide to eat in the future, you can be sure that with these few simple changes can leave your hair not only feeling stronger but looking visibly healthier within just a few months. Which will you be trying first?