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5 Flattering Lip Shades Every Girl Should Own!

Lipsticks are an indispensable piece of every woman ’s makeup vanity; and, if not lipstick, a tinted lip balm at least!

However, finding a good lip shade is no easy task; it has to be the blend of glossy and matte, and also compliment with any outfit. While some girls prefer muted shades, some are more into audaciously bright colors to create statement onto the lips.

Here are 5 lip shades that every woman should have in her lifetime. From bold colors to the muted browns, these shades will suit every complexion:

Hot And Sexy Carpet Red:

So, you are going on a date night with bae wearing that little black dress? Sweep a bright red lipstick and transform your outfit from drab to fab. Red is chic, sophisticated, playful and timeless. Plus, when you wear red lip shade, it easily contrasts your skin and makes you feel young and youthful.

The loud, bold and audacious nature of red color boost confidence and make you strong. If you want your lip shade to stay nicely, use lip shades from popular brands like Runway Rogue and make a statement.

Nude Is The Statement:

Nude lipstick is one of the most versatile and tending lip shade today. In fact, this beauty staple has secured its place in every girl’s makeup. Perfect color of beige pink is what you need to give yourself a fresh and rejuvenated look.

If you have fair skin, nudes of light pink undertones will balance the pale look. In addition, if you are going to add a touch of color to uplift your complexion without making you feel dull, the rosy nudes would be ideal.

Just make sure to stay away from colors that come with yellow undertones, as they can make you look dull.

Black Honey:

Black honey is a shade that can overshadow all other shades; its bold, beautiful and look flawless on every girl. The perfect blend of blue, yellow and blue, make it ideal for every skin tone. Add a sheer base onto the lips, and the color will blend perfectly.

For a party look, carry the color with dark makeup and kohl eyes and you are good to go! However, for casual outings, you can wear this with your denim as well.

A Perfect Brown:

While browns were the retro trend, they are trendy even today! They are for every situation; from happy to the everyday casual look to any other in-between. They make perfect shade to compliment your everyday look and can also take you from day to night.

Shades of cinnamon, cocoa and dark chocolates make flattering hues which you can wear them in the office or for other formal events. Besides, browns are a bit muted and come with the perfect touch of rose.

Bright And Bold Pink:

Hot, bright and bold pink will bring a little oomph to your look and can uplift your mood. Besides, it comes with a wide range of shades and can go from pastel, romantic hue to the punk color. Further, the hot pink colors come with cool undertones and offer a velvety touch on the lips.

As for picking the best pink lipstick, grab the one that not only compliments your skin tone but also goes perfectly with the color of your teeth. Further, choosing the color also depends on the coverage of the lips, for instance, if it’s a full coverage matte pink, the natural color of your lips will also have an impact on the color. Go for the blue-toned lipstick, as they are more secure than the peach pink colors.

From nudes to blacks to tangerines, every girl is armed with the different shades. A lipstick, not only accentuate our features, but it also oozes confidence! So, pick your shade and look glamorous!