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Do You Know The Techniques Thieves Use to Enter Homes?

Thefts go far beyond the thefts in the street or in the Metro. The valuables are not in the bag, but in private homes and that is something that thieves and professional bands know very well. That is why they are experts in organizing and choosing those homes that are worthwhile, but does stealing in a house really require such sophistication? We tell you how these bands operate, so you know what you could face when you walk out the door of your home.

Know your routines and those of your family

Before giving a blow, thieves take into asccount a series of very important considerations. Among these, first is to choose the area and within it, the dwelling or dwellings in which to steal.

Entering a house is not something that is done at any time, but you have to study the most appropriate times of day. Is it a family where everyone works and in the morning the house is free? Or is it a lady who spends the whole afternoons of walking with her friends? It is these moments, when there is no one at home, when the thieves will take advantage to enter.

For this to work, it is necessary to monitor the house for about 2 – 7 days. In this way, they ensure that these habits are not occasional, but are part of the daily routine. This requires a very good communication between the components and even collaborators, who can be trusted people of the family or even work with them or for them. All this field work is very important, since it will be the basis of the plan.

There is no door that can resist

Once the band is clear about the hours your home will be free, they take action. Although there are different ways to enter a house, the most common is through a door. Thieves have different methods to force the locks, which are perfecting to adapt to new security systems.

Among the most typical methods is the “slip”, which involves inserting a card or an x-ray in the space between the frame and the door. It also highlights the use of lockpicks, because with a simple wire through the lock can modify the locking systems as a key would. Have you seen how simple it is to open a door with everyday objects? It’s just as easy to avoid using these methods if we lock the door.

Although remembering to turn the lock is not enough, since “bumping” solves this problem. It consists of introducing a key in the lock and hitting it with a hammer until the pistons jump, which releases the turn of the key. This is the most used method, although the installation of anti-dumping locks is an increasingly common practice. But if a thief wants to enter your house, this will not stop him.

The thieves have been able to adapt very well to these changes, which has awakened their ingenuity when developing new methods. Emphasizes the imprisoning, which consists in introducing a virgin key in the lock and trying to turn it until the closing pins are marked. After that, all that remains is to file the key and a copy is obtained equal to the owner’s copy. This method is perfect for security doors, which have a series of systems that make it very complicated to use any of the above methods.

It seems that when it comes to preventing theft, there is nothing to stop these people. But all is not lost, since there are professionals locksmith who are very clear as to advise you to avoid this type of situations.