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Anthony Morrison Review: 3 Reasons to Avoid His Entrepreneurship Course

Entrepreneurship is an important area for a person seeking to gain lifetime financial independence. The aspect involves starting and operating a successful business. However, for you to realize this objective, it is essential to have the right skills. In particular, this age of internet calls for investing in online learning to help you sail through the e-commerce sphere. Many gurus and scammers have been on the forefront to feel their pockets in the name of offering online business coaching.

You invest thousands of dollars on a course only to discover what you’re learning is easily available on the internet. Or else, you can get the same for less than $50. One of the renowned online business coaches is Antony Morrison – learn more about him. This coach claims to have started an online business at 21 years and created other eight plus a website to nurture upcoming webpreneurs. While this sounds a good idea, here are 3 reasons to avoid the reasons:

  • Upselling: less value for more

As a customer or student, your objective is to get value for your money. You want to receive services or skills based on the amount you spend on it. While this is the usual rule of business, the case does not apply to the Morrison courses. You spend huge amounts on basic information that you can find with less than $20. Also, as a webpreneur, you desire to acquire knowledge to help you realize your business objectives and gain a competitive advantage.

Instead of focusing on helping you reach your desires, this ‘coach’ concentrate on utilizing the opportunity to fatten his pockets. He claims to help you solve the problem in collaboration with ‘outstanding coaches.’ However, the so-called coaches use the opportunity to market additional tools and guides. In the end, you end up with so many useless tools and struggling with your problems.

  • Expensive basic knowledge

Imagine someone training you on the definition of entrepreneurship or how to set up an online store and charging you $1000. How will you feel? Certainly, disappointment will be your pie. Such information is a click away. You can find it on google or other search engines. Morrison applies the same approach to milk money from you. The course contains basic information that is below your expectation.

Despite promising to provide intensive information, past students state that what they learned was below their expectation. The price charged was very high for little. Hence, unless Morrison updates the current lessons, it is not worth to spend your cash on what you can easily get with minimal efforts.

  • You will not get any refunds

A genuine and credible seller will always offer a money-back or refund guarantee. If the service offered fail to meet your expectation, you can move on and claim your money back. For Morrison, this is a Greek term. Whether you like the course or not or whether it meets your expectations or not, no leeway. You will not receive or request a refund.

With these three reasons, you can spot enough red flags of the unreliability of these courses. So, you can take the right step – avoiding them.