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Guide for Selling Your House Quickly for Cash

Selling your home on the real estate market can be a blessing, and be extremely easy if you don’t have any extra work to be done, otherwise it can be a painful and stressful experience. There are many factors that not only affect the price of your home, but also will affect how well buyers can see your home and want to buy quickly so they don’t miss out on the sale, and keep your home on the market for too long dwindling in price. In this guide, we’ll give you some ideas that help you in selling your home quickly for cash and you can click here to find a qualified buyer.

Make it Pretty on the Outside Too

Make sure that you paint and power wash all the areas to get stains, dirt, and other debris from your home’s exterior. You can also go to the store and buy large house numbers from literally any retail or home hardware store for a really low price and put those where they are extremely visible. (If you have outside pillars on your porch, you can even put your house numbers there to make it easier to read).

Make sure your lawn is landscaped, mowed, and fully lush (re-seed if you need to). Clean the windows on your home (mainly the front, but all of them doesn’t hurt as people like to look around), as well as anything else glass that you can (porch light covers, etc.). As Marina from Evolve PM points out, the outside of the house is the first thing a potential buyer sees. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure it’s appealing to the eye!

Make the Inside Spotless

Organize necessity and showcased items, as well as make sure your house is spotless. Get clutter out of your home. Don’t make it too empty, but also don’t make it look like you’re still throwing your clothes in laundry piles either. You want to aim for balance and structure.

Decorate Your Home Inside

You can go online on many websites and make numerous interior decoration improvements. Remove all personal family photos (except for any that are strictly artistic like old fashioned tin-types, etc.), and replace them with some good minimally decorative art. You want the center of attention to be the whole house, so don’t overdo it with flashy things that will take away from the elegance and beauty of the house itself. If you need to, you can even hire an interior decorator, and find them on many “freelance” and classified sites, from Angie’s List, all the way to Craigslist, Houzz, and many more.

Make Simple Renovations

When you sell your house on our own, expect that demanding buyers will request for an inspection. And you want to ensure you pass the major culprit of failing a house inspection such as a failing roof, foundation, or plumbing. Repair or renovate within your budget from the important ones on the inspector’s list and leave the rest. 

Simple repairs in your home can make your house more appealing to potential buyers. Because if they see that you already have taken the steps to repair problems, then they don’t have to spend money, time, and effort on them. Some examples of basic repairs include fixing plumbing leaks and broken windows.

But you don’t have to worry any repairs or additional costs if you decide to sell your home as is to a reputable cash buyer investor such as Four 19 Properties. In this transaction, you get to choose the closing date upon completion of all requirements and the buyer will pay for everything so you can put more cash in your pocket.

But beware of some people claiming to be cash buyer investors. Make sure to check any foolproof evidence that you’re talking with a legitimate one. Check the company’s website to know how long the cash buying company has been on the business and their contact information.


Don’t make your home too overbearing, as well as make sure that you don’t just lean towards “female decorating” and “male decorating”. If you have separate “his and hers” type rooms, then that’s understandable, but keep that sort of decorating at a minimum. Also, make sure that your home décor matches the season, because seasons change, and it also allows someone to see the diversity both outside the home as well as inside. This can not only increase your home’s value on the market, but while these tips aren’t everything you could do, even the ones listed in here could help potential buyers decide on purchasing your home before others may join the race.