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How to Take Good Care Of Your Hairs

Curly, wavy, thick or thin: the type of hair you are born with is not in your control. But, something which is in your reach is hair care, no matter how tough or simple it is. After all, as the old saying suggests, “hair is the crown you don’t take off”. However, your hair care needs some time and effort to generate results. Scanty hair is the biggest problem which occurs during hair managing and styling. Here are some hair care tips for scanty hair:

  1. Get to the roots first: If you seen your hair getting scanty or several hair strands in the drain, then you should seek immediate medical help. It may be an indication of anemia or thyroid.
    Eat good: In order to get healthy growth of your hair back, you should eat good amount of zinc and biotin. Some of the items rich in these are tofu, kale and spinach. Protein is also important for your hair health. You can increase your consumption of eggs, whole grain and nuts.
  2. Frequent scalp massage: As per your granny’s word of wisdom, oil massage is the most important thing when it comes to hair care routines. Oil massaging nourishes the hair follicle and enhances blood circulation and plumps up hair growth. Rely on oil with medicinal properties for better results. They control hair fall and regenerate hair growth. The medicinal oil directly reaches the hair roots and promotes hair growth.
  3. Towel dry efficiently: When managing scanty hair, it is very important to be gentle on your hair. Rather than vigorously rubbing your hair, dab the towel on your hair and comfortably allow it to dry. Ensure you use a microfiber towel for better results.
  4. Apply right hair cleanser: Using an efficient shampoo enhances your hair quality, preferably enhancing the volume of your hair to get rid of scanty hair problem. Use a volume shampoo and conditioner to add a voluminous feel to your hair. Go for a natural shampoo to revitalise your tresses and make them healthy.
  5. Keep changing your hair style: You don’t need to wait for any event to don a new hair style. You can always go for layered hair style to make your hair thicker and voluminous. People like to read this guide on how to strengthen hair so they can easily perform this task. Once you learn how to do different styles on your own, it will be more convenient for you to ensure your hair stays healthy.
  6. Comb easily: Irrespective of the temptation, combing hair vigorously is a bad idea. It is because it makes your hair limper. Your fingers are an amazing way to de-tangle your hair and then use brush or comb.
  7. Use good quality styling tools: With wavy and curly hair, your hair appears voluminous and thicker. Thus, you can curl your hair in the right way to enhance your hair. Use low temperature setting on your dryer along with heat protectant to save your tresses from damage. Know the procedure of how to choose the best curling iron and then buy it. If you have the right quality curling iron, then not only your hair will curl perfectly but also won’t get damaged in the procedure.

    Use these tips to maintain and enhance the quality of your hair.