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How to Reduce Stretch Marks from Weight Lifting

Stretch marks, commonly known as something that almost every individual dreads, are basically an off-color form of scarring on the skin. They occur due to the tearing of the dermis in times of rapid growth of the body. The change can be a result of many things, one of them being weight lifting.

For example, if you have any stretchable material and pull on it at some point, you will notice a change in it. The material will start to fade in color, or it will get super thin before it tears apart. The same is the case with your skin. There is only so much it can take in terms of stretching when your body experiences growth, paired with supplements such as PhenQ this can happen pretty quickly.

Stretch marks do not entirely disappear, but they diminish slowly over time if cared for the right way. Here are some precautions you can take to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Reduce the intensity of your workout

Weight lifting causes a rapid increase in muscle mass, which leads to stretch marks. Reduction in the intensity of your workouts is directly proportional to the decline in stretch marks. You can commence by reducing the intensity in the most affected areas to prevent the mass from increasing quickly. For instance, if your arms are affected, you can reduce the weight during bicep curls or any other exercise.

Eat right

Nutrition, in any form, is essential for your body. Your body needs the right amount of collagen production to give your skin more elasticity. Due to the reduced amounts of collagen, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes more prone to damage. Eating foods that contain vitamins, zinc, and antioxidants increase collagen production can help prevent stretch marks.

Apart from that, staying hydrated is crucial for everyone during exercise as your blood volume increases. Staying hydrated will prevent your skin from becoming dry and losing its elasticity. This will help limit stretch marks over time.


Aside from staying healthy on the inside, maintaining healthy skin on the outside is also equally important. This can be done by moisturizing your skin daily.

The markets worldwide are full of products that help reduce or eliminate stretch marks from your body. A Lot of these products can be used for both prevention and cure. Vitamin A and E, shea butter, and cocoa butter are the most effective ingredients for reducing these marks.

You can also use natural oils such as coconut oil and olive oil. Both of these contain antioxidants and several other nutrients that are healthy for your skin. These oils will be more beneficial as they have little or no chemicals, reducing stretch marks without any long term side effects.


In today’s world of body positivity, many people are proud of stretch marks, but few are not comfortable with them. But, you can do plenty of things that help fade these marks. However, when it comes to feeling good about the way you look, what matters most is what you think.