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How Many Calories Does Scuba Diving Burn?

You always get attracted to what you can’t see or do. That’s pretty much why humans are so drawn to the sea – it’s the lure of the unknown. A lot of people refer to the depths of the ocean as the final frontier.

The word scuba from scuba diving is short for ‘Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.’ This term is basically used for equipment that allows you to breathe. With the help of a scuba tank, you can experience the underwater world, even if it’s for a limited time. Scuba diving has several benefits, including mental clarity and the healing effects of water. It helps you emotionally as it promotes a feeling of security and well being.

Apart from that, it’s a great stress reliever as you breathe slowly and deeply, just like you do when you meditate. However, the fact that it helps burn calories is likely one of the most important benefits.

Scuba diving and burning calories

Being physically fit and healthy should be on top of your priority list when scuba diving as being out of shape opens you to several risks. Although, it does seem kind of funny that you’d have to get in shape to lose some weight – which begs the question – does scuba diving help you lose weight?

During the diving season, divers don’t workout or follow a specific diet, but they still burn calories. So yes, it is possible to burn calories by scuba diving. The secret of losing weight lies in the process of thermoregulation.


Thermoregulation is a process that maintains your body’s internal temperature. During this process, the body retains 98 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, which is why you end up burning calories.

When you’re underwater, you expose yourself to lower temperatures and put a strain on your thermoregulation process – which results in knocking down calories.

How many calories does thermoregulation burn?

How many calories you burn via thermoregulation depends entirely on how challenging the dive is and the water temperature. According to research conducted by PADI, an average shore-dive in mild water burns approx 600 calories per hour, just like jogging. A leisure dive from a boat burns around 300 calories, equivalent to hiking. A dive in warm water burns 300 calories per hour.

Beginners burn more calories as they are more likely to flap their arms and exert more effort while breathing to get more comfortable.

How dense water also affects the number of calories you burn as it impacts the energy you use.

Factors influencing burn in calories


The deeper you dive, the more energy you exert to move around underwater due to rising pressure levels. That’s why diving deep will help you get rid of more calories.


Diving in cold water burns calories as the body uses up extra energy to maintain a viable temperature. However, warm water can also burn calories as your body needs more effort to adapt to warmer temperatures.


There you have it, folks. Scuba diving does, in fact, help when it comes to burning calories. But, diving underwater isn’t like walking inside the gym – it requires training, patience, and a whole lot of effort – which may just help you get in shape anyway.

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