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5 Things Every Puppy Learns in Puppy Class

Did you know that around 90.5 million families own dogs in the United States? Owning a dog is becoming more and more popular, and there is nothing cuter than owning a cute puppy.

Many people ask themselves, “Should I sign my puppy up for puppy class?” The answer is definitely yes, getting your puppy trained early on can help make a strong bond for the rest of their lives.

Read on to learn about the things every puppy learns in puppy class!

1. Know His Name

Puppy class is a great way for young dogs to find their way in the world. Learning their name is the first step, and it’s something every pup needs to master. Knowing their name makes them feel secure, as it means they are recognized and loved by their owners.

2. Basic Manners

Every puppy learns in puppy class basic manners which can help keep them safe and happy as they grow. In a puppy class, puppies learn basic commands, proper command obedience techniques, and boundaries. Basic commands may include learning to sit, stay, come, and lay down so they can be more easily managed.

Setting boundaries is extremely important for teaching puppies what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t. Teaching puppies that certain behaviors will get them attention, a reward, or a correction can help them build consistency throughout their life.

3. Potty Training

Every puppy learns in puppy class potty training. It involves teaching your puppy the basics of house training, such as understanding signs and signals when your puppy needs to do their business. During the training, your pet will practice going outside for their business, along with learning their cues for when they need to go.

That way, your puppy will begin to understand the routine of going outside to relieve themselves. The key is consistency and routine so that the puppy can begin to recognize patterns and quickly learn what is expected of them. Furthermore, the puppy will understand the consequences if they do not do their business outside and how to communicate with their owners when they need to go.

4. Socializing

Puppy socialization classes by puppy training located here provide crucial socialization opportunities for young pups. In these classes, puppies learn important life lessons like proper interactions with other canines and humans. Proper socialization teaches puppies to become confident and well-mannered companions.

Puppies learn how to interact with other animals, as well as how to interact with humans. Socialization classes pave the way for a friendly, well-rounded pup.

5. Some Tricks

Puppy classes provide a safe, structured environment that allows puppies to learn at their own pace. Through the use of positive reinforcement and reward-based training techniques, puppies learn various commands and cues.

Owners can also train their puppy in common tricks, such as:

  • sitting and staying
  • fetching
  • shaking paws
  • rollover

With practice and repetition, puppies will learn these behaviors quickly, completing the commands and delighting their owners. 

Also worth mentioning if you work from home, it may be worth asking if there is a course for teaching pups how to use a doggie door. Once trained, your dog will be able to come and go as they please without having to interrupt your work day for potty breaks.

Know What to Expect in a Puppy Class

A puppy class provides a great way to nurture your puppy in a safe environment that is centered around positive reinforcement and socialization. Having a clear understanding of what to expect will help make the experience more enjoyable and successful.

Through puppy classes, you can help your puppy to grow into an obedient and confident companion. Enroll your puppy in a class today to get started!

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