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Using CBD to Enhance Sex Life – Weird or Life-Changing?

CBD is a heaven-sent product, especially to those who suffer from chronic pains and sleep disruption. Several people use different life-changing products such as CBD oils and capsules in order to improve their health and daily life. But aside from the life-changing effects of CBD-infused products, did you know that this substance was also found out to enhance your sex life? Yes, apparently, it does. And that’s what we’ll be discussing here in this article.

CBD – How does it enhance your sex life?

Most people look for sex enhancement products for several reasons. And nowadays, people mostly use CBD due to its life-enhancing benefits, aside from its sex-life improving property. Here are some reasons why CBD is becoming increasingly popular:

  • It increases pleasure during intercourse
  • Reducing stress and anxiety, which includes performance anxiety
  • Setting up the mood before intercourse

Ananda Hemp medical director Alex Capano stated that CBD could be a great help, especially when it comes to lubrication issues during intercourse. He said that there are several cannabinoid receptors located in sexual tissues and reproductive organs and brands like “Foria Wellness” specialize in CBD products to enhance sex. CBD enhances the blood flow in tissues, increasing the sensitivity, and improves the natural lubrication of the body.

For patients with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (a condition which causes disruption of the joints and spasms in muscles), CBD is proved to be beneficial. Using a CBD-infused lubricant made their muscles more relax, therefore letting them experience more pleasurable sex. Some even said to experience a better feeling of warmth and pleasure, and let them concentrate more on intimacy, rather than their spasms.

There is no solid number of how many people use CBD for sex. However, a recent survey says that over 9% of the total respondents say that they are taking CBD infused products to improve their sex life. Additionally, the respondents said that they had more intense orgasms after taking CBD-infused products.

Moreover, CBD also puts people in the mood for making love. Research has shown that CBD is effective in reducing anxiety and stress. Without stress, you can take your mind of worries and other distractions that can obstruct you from having pleasurable sexual intercourse.

CBD does not have mind-altering effects. It does not cause a high, but it can boost the mood by stimulating the neurotransmitter “anandamide.”

Anandamide is the neurotransmitter that controls the bliss and pleasure of a person. In addition, anandamide is also related to oxytocin (aka cuddle hormone). CBD increases our natural endorphins and neurotransmitters that inevitably lead to a more pleasurable sexual experience.

The dos and don’ts in using CBD for intercourse

Are you thinking of using CBD to enhance your sex life? Then make sure you keep these important reminders in mind:

  • Buy a trusted and high-quality product

Before buying any product, be sure to do research and read some reviews first. Be aware that CBD can be extracted from hemp or cannabis, and that marijuana-derived cannabidiol (may contain THC) could be more effective, than those extracted from the fiber hemp.

More importantly, plants have different THC content. Usually, cannabis contains over 20% of THC. On the other hand, hemp contains 0.3% THC, which more legal in the market. Both cannabis and hemp produce identical CBD. American government only allows CBD derived from hemp; however, you can purchase cannabis-derived products in other states.

  • Dosage is important

Every individual has different CBD dosage. There is no concrete evidence to show what dose of CBD should be taken by an individual to achieve optimal health benefits. In taking CBD, you should start slowly, with a lower dose. You can increase your dosage gradually. If you feel you are gaining more benefits, then you can keep going. If you take higher dosage just to feel worse, then you should go back to the former dosage.

Using CBD before intercourse

CBD does not instantly work once you decided to use it. You should make plans before you start taking or applying CBD-infused products. When using CBD products, give it at least 30 minutes to take effect, before going to bed and starting to make intercourse.