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12 Benefits of Electronic Door Locks

The conventional locks are no longer secure as the thieves and burglars are smart enough to break them. Thefts are common in most countries across the world. Therefore, homeowners need to upgrade their home security for the protection of their assets and family.

There are a variety of home security systems available that you can install to enhance the security of your homes. Replacing the conventional locks with keyless electronic locks is one such way to improve your home security. Let us explore all the benefits of electronic door locks for homes.

There is no need to carry any keys.

Sometimes you don’t want to have a key – especially if you lead an active lifestyle. It can be challenging to carry a key everywhere you go. Whether coming home from a run or walking the dog, just write a PIN code for quick and hassle-free access.

No more forgotten keys.

Do your children always forget the keys? The use of a PIN code ensures that this problem is eliminated and, if they forget the code, you can simply send a text message.

No physical key required

The electronic locks are keyless and all they need is a password and a touch of a button. No more keyed or scratched doors – just unlock the door with a quick press of a button.

Remote Control

Unlike a traditional lock, you do not need to stand at the door to operate the keyless lock. As long as you have your mobile device, you can lock and unlock the door, whether you are at work, traveling, or working. If you suddenly realize that you forgot to lock the door after leaving in the morning, you can lock it from its app on your phone.

Not hiding the key

Hiding an extra key hidden under a rug or in a porch light can give you mental peace that you won’t be able to hold yourself out. However, experienced thieves know all the tricks and will probably get the key in no time. And leaving the key to a neighbor who takes care of your home poses many security risks when you are away. A keyless lock controlled by a smartphone can eliminate the requirement for additional keys.

Access Control

Keyless locks provide total control over every person who enters a house. Some electronic locks also send text notifications whenever a person enters your home. You will know if your children have arrived safely from school or if a thief tries to enter.

No more fussing with the door

If your keyring is full, it may take a little time to find the right key to open the door – especially if you are carrying a handful of packages or grocery bags. Now you don’t need to find the key in your pocket or bag. You can use your smartphone to open the keyless electronic lock systems.

Don’t leave the key with friends or neighbors

Are you in the habit of giving an extra key to a friend, neighbor, or relative so that they can take things out while you are in your house? Keys are easy to duplicate or lose, and there is always the possibility that they will end up in the wrong hands.

With a smart lock, you can offer an access code to your watchman to enable him to unlock the door. You can also change the code when you feel the need to do so. You can activate the lock remotely from your mobile device to allow people to enter. Additional keys are no longer needed!

You’ll never forget to close the door again

How often have you been in a hurry to get out of work or take the kids to school in the morning – and you didn’t remember closing the door? Whenever you leave the outer door open, you will receive a quick notification via your mobile device. Then you can block it with just a quick touch.

Easy to use for children

If your children need to come home after school or at other times when you are not there, you can provide a code so they can enter as they wish. And you don’t have to worry about losing your spare key.

Combine them with other devices for enhanced home security solutions

Integrating smart locks with devices such as a doorbell or video surveillance camera will enhance home security by adding visual components. You will be able to see who is coming and going and control the operation of your locks accordingly.

Easy Installation

Most smart locks install quickly and easily – this process is similar to replacing traditional key activated locks. When you purchase electronic locks, the manufacturer company sends a professional to install the locks in your house. Professionals also offer you a demo and explain the details to use the locks safely.

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Final Words

Electronic locks can make your home or office more safe and secure than ever. Spending some money on the replacement of conventional locks and enhancing the safety of your home or office multiple folds. Now as you know the benefits of electronic locks, you can plan to install them in your home.