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Does A Small Business Need Managed Web Hosting?

Are you looking for a web host solution suitable for your website, but things are confusing with tons of hosting options available in the market? Whether you choose shared, dedicated, reseller, free, or paid hosting, all of these help you get your website accessible to the world. However, finding the right one is vital as it affects your site performance, storage, uptime, and profitability.

For small businesses looking for an affordable yet high-end hosting service, it can be overwhelming, and you don’t want to invest in something that will limit your site’s capacity or compromise your data and security.

Aiming higher is essential for every start-up business. While you don’t have all the know-how and ins & outs of the right web hosting, administrative tasks, and all, it’s beneficial to reconsider your options when choosing the right type of web hosting. You can also check Mangomatter for a comprehensive guide on which web host is suitable for your business. They offer an intensive review and recommendations of the top-rated web host provider and insights into which one is ideal for your business.

What Is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is best defined when your hosting provider works or takes care of every server-related problems their clients encounter. Also known as dedicated hosting where your web host manages server operations so you’ll never need to deal with it. Managed hosting can also be applied to other web hosting types such as VPS, cloud, or co-location.

  • Managed hosting is ideal for digital entrepreneurs who don’t have time or are not tech-savvy in setting up the needed server space to run efficiently. Managed hosting allows you to rent digital space from your host and enables them to manage server operations at the same time.

With unmanaged hostings, you rent your server from the web host provider, and you do all the maintenance and service tasks. Self-managed hosting has a unique agreement where basic server service or maintenance is provided, but you’re in charge of daily tasks or dealing with specific issues.

Managed Web Hosting is traditionally used by both businesses and individuals to reduce IT work needed in maintaining efficient server performance.

  • Businesses with either limited time or IT knowledge use managed hosting.
  • Highly popular websites use managed hosting to help them focus on business solutions rather than administrative server tasks.
  • Managed hosting is ideal for people who have limited, devoted time to understand server operations’ administrative process and choose managed service for convenience.

What Are The Technical Advantages of Managed Website Hosting For Small Business

Understanding what benefits you can get with managed hosting is vital, whether for small, start-up businesses or large ones. Here’s what you’ll expect with this hosting:

  • It frequently scans servers for any potential failures and irregularities.
  • It offers optimized business security like spam filtering, configuration os software firewall, runs security audits, scanning virus, and OS updates.
  • It manages your storage to keep everything in good standing.
  • It works with your site database.
  • It offers frequent backups to prevent data losses.
  • Managed hosting can also help you deal with troubleshooting, provide on-call maintenance, software or hardware upgrades, software installation, and cPanel set up.

Is Managed Hosting Ideal For Small Businesses

While you’ll pay extra for managed hosting doesn’t mean you’ll skip it since you started. Weighing all your options and the benefits it provides to your business allows you to understand whether these features are available on cheaper web hosting types. You’ll need to pay extra to get them included in your plan.

Small and start-up businesses can benefit from managed hosting. It is customizable to meet the site’s requirements while reducing operational costs and allows you to save money and time as it simplifies the essential operational tasks on your behalf.


Time is essential in any business, and any wasted time causes you to lose profit and sales. As a business entrepreneur, the amount of time you spend managing your server can focus on improving your business core. You may not notice, but if you spend more time working your site’s server, then it’s time for you to find an alternative and focus on growing your website instead.

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