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How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Halloween

Halloween can be a really exciting time for the little ones, with the chance to dress up and get endless amounts of sweet treats, but for dogs it can be a little scary. From loud noises, unfamiliar scenery and the potential fireworks, there is a lot going on throughout this spooky season. It’s important to keep your pets safe and comfortable during this busy period.

Don’t Leave Them Outdoors

It’s not every day you have groups of people knocking on your door dressed up in frightening costumes, so it’s going to spook your dog if they notice this happening. Whilst your dog may love to spend time outside in the garden, Halloween is not the best time to let them do this. Try to avoid having your dog outside in the garden for long during Halloween, as they will be closer to loud noises that might scare them and make them feel uncomfortable. To ensure your dog is happy and cosy in the house, make sure they have a snuggly bed to retreat to if they need a little down time from the chaos that Halloween brings.

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Remember Sweets Are for Humans

Many people like to spoil their dogs, especially when they’re enjoying a sweet treat themselves. Whilst this may make you feel good for giving your pet a treat, sweets and chocolates are extremely bad for a dog’s health and shouldn’t be given to them as a treat. Similarly, when you have tubs of sweets on the side for the trick or treaters, make sure they’re out of reach of any greedy snouts that may be on the lookout for a tasty treat. If you notice your dog seems to have symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea or rapid breathing, you must ring the vet immediately as they may have consumed some chocolate which could result in chocolate poisoning. If you do want to be able to treat your dogs this Halloween, stock up on some industry bestselling dog-friendly chocolate treats, produced from quality ingredients that won’t harm your dog.

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Avoid Glow Sticks

Dogs are playful, curious creatures and they are always going to put bright plastic looking toys in their mouths. One of the most important things when it comes to glow sticks on Halloween is to keep them as far away from your dog as possible. There’s no doubt that your dog will see the glow sticks as an exciting new toy, but with one sharp bite they could puncture the plastic and ingest the glowing liquid. Just like the sweet treats, the liquid from a glow stick can be poisonous to dogs, so it’s really important for them to not get their paws on any.

Make Sure They Have ID

Whether you plan to take your playful pup out with you trick or treating, or you simply want to stay at home and avoid the chaos, it’s important to make sure your dog has their ID tag. With so many unfamiliar sounds and activity, if your dog becomes spooked, they could run off and hide. If this were to happen, it’s important that whoever finds them can identify them and bring them back home safely. Dark nights can be a nightmare with dogs at the best of times, so it’s best not to risk anything when Halloween arrives.

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