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7 Signs Your Garage Door Already Needs Replacement

People may think that garage doors only serve a protective function, but they’re more than just that. What they don’t know is that installing the appropriate door increases also your property value, utility, and even curb appeal.

In fact, if you plan on improving the resale value of your home, replacing your garage door is one of the ways to do it. But because it’s firstly a functional part than an aesthetic part for most homes, it’s easy to take it for granted until it’s already beaten up beyond repair.

Repair Or Replace: When It’s Time To Let Your Old Door Go

Oftentimes, when garage doors have stopped working as they should, the first course of action is to have it repaired. After all, most cases will just require a decent fix on a specific part of the door before it goes back to the way it was.

However, there are instances when replacement is a better and more cost-effective option. If you’re wondering whether you should already go for a garage door replacement Concord, listed below are 7 signs that confirm that you should already let your old garage door go:

Unusual Noises

Your garage door will naturally make sounds as you open and close it. However, if it starts making noises that weren’t there before, it’s time to call the professionals to have it checked.
Although there are cases when the door may just need lubrication or new rollers, excessive creaking, cracking, and grinding suggest that it may be time to say goodbye to your old door.

Worn-Out And Battered State

This one may be obvious, but sometimes, homeowners will stubbornly stick with a battered door just because it’s “still working”. The thing is, it’s only a matter of time before the door completely falls apart. You’ll also have to spend more just to maintain it.

This is especially true if the door is already sagging (in the case of wooden doors) or cracking. Also, consider heavy dents and histories of water damage in deciding whether your door already needs to be replaced.

Recurring Breakdowns

Having your door repaired once or twice with long intervals in between is probably okay. A third repair may even be fine if it doesn’t act up soon afterward.

However, if you notice that you’ve been calling the repairman more than you think is necessary, then it’s time to call it quits and switch to a new door instead.

High Energy Bills

If you haven’t been using any of your appliances excessively, but your energy bill is unusually high, your garage door might be the problem.

Sometimes, when electric-powered things around the house become inefficient, they tend to use more power and work a lot harder than before. Thus, if you notice that your garage door is no longer running smoothly and your bills are also high, you’re better off having it replaced.

Outdated Structure And Design

Home structures and designs naturally change through the years. What might have been hip just years ago can be considered old-fashioned now, since trends are quickly changing.

Thus, if you notice that your garage door is no longer getting along with the times, it might be a good idea to update it into something more current. You can also choose a design that looks timeless so you wouldn’t have to worry that it might look out of place in the future.

Absence Of Safety And Security Features

As technology advances, various home features also start to become hi-tech. It’s not only the garage door’s design that gets outdated, but also its safety features.
These days, you’ll want to secure your garage using the latest available technology. This ensures that you can protect your home not just from those who want to break-in, but also from the elements.

You’re Planning To Sell The House

If you’re thinking of selling your house anytime soon, one of the best ways to attract potential buyers is to capture their attention from the outside. By prettifying your exteriors and replacing your garage doors to match your new aesthetics, you’ll have a higher chance of striking the deal that you want.

Some Garage Door Issues Are Better Solved With Replacements

When it comes to garage doors, generally, repairs are cheaper than total replacements. However, there are cases when replacements are the better choice, especially when you consider the expenses you’ll garner in the long run.

Thus, if you’re dealing with any of the signs mentioned above, consider having your garage door replaced with the help of a professional. Aside from providing you with garage door options that will go well with the rest of your house, you can be sure that the door will be installed without problems.

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