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Questions You Should Ask The #1 Rated Asphalt Contractor In New Mexico

Whether you have a driveway or parking lot that needs asphalt paving, working with a top-notch asphalt contractor will give you peace of mind because you know you’ll get quality craftsmanship and excellent results. However, finding the best one is easier said than done. Of course, any asphalt contractor will claim they’re number one. So, what are the relevant questions you need to ask before you sign a contract?

Read below to know the important questions to ask before hiring a top-rated asphalt contractor in New Mexico.

1. What Projects Have You Completed in New Mexico?

An experienced asphalt contractor has several projects under their belt. Check out their past work by looking for their portfolio. A good contractor would be more than pleased to provide you with photos their previous projects. You can also visit the company’s website to see their work portfolio. Assess their work, determine whether they can provide what you need, and read their clients’ testimonials.

Here are the advantages of seeing the completed projects of an asphalt contractor:

  • Gain peace of mind dealing with an experienced and expert asphalt company
  • Set proper expectations for the kind work you’ll receive
  • Get the best value for your money
  • Save yourself from the stress and hassle of finding another contractor to fix any potential problems

On top of checking their portfolio, make sure you’re working with a top asphalt paving Albuquerque NM contractor who uses high-quality equipment and employs skilled workers to get the job done.

2. What Are Your Asphalt Patching Techniques?

There are different asphalt patching techniques used to repair potholes in roads, pavements, and playgrounds and fill cracks in surfaces. Asking this question is essential to ensure the technique applied will be done the right way. It would help prevent further deterioration and avoid expensive repair costs down the road.

For instance, asphalt seal coat or wet seal is a chemical overlay applied to already existing asphalt roadway, parking lot, or other surfaces. It seals and conditions surfaces, especially surfaces under direct sun exposure or those which are affected by harsh temperature extremes. A wet seal is applied above a surface once it reaches a certain minimum temperature to sink into cracks and activate the asphalt particles.

Here are the common methods of asphalt repair:

  • Throw-and-roll: Asphalt paving for a parking lot is highly recommended, and this asphalt patching method provides a temporary patching technique wherein a liquid asphalt is poured and filled into a pothole and rolled over. This type of asphalt repair is usually done in winter for an emergency patch or as a quick fix.
  • Semi-permanent Patches: It’s a longer-lasting solution requiring proper surface preparation. Debris and water are first removed using an air compressor or a broom. The hole is then filled with the asphalt patching mix and the compacted.
  • Spray Injection Method: A special truck-mounted equipment blows out debris and water from the pothole or crack, and then injects aggregate and emulsion at high-pressure.
  • Full-depth Patching: It’s a permanent repair method involving excavating the patchy area to four inches or more, and ensuring firmer support in the surrounding area.

3. What Insurance and Licenses Do You Have?

All asphalt paving contractors should have a license and insurance. It’s good to ask if the company is accredited with the US Better Business Bureau to ensure all the legal requirements to operate their business are met. Check the registered complaints, if there are any, against the asphalt contractor. Hiring an accredited asphalt contractor means you can hold them accountable in case something goes wrong.

4. How Soon Can You Finish the Project?

Ask the asphalt contractor to provide you an estimated timeline to complete a project. A top-rated contractor in New Mexico can assure you that they have the right people and the necessary resources to carry out the job on time and avoid delays.

5. Do You Have Any Asphalt Recommendations?

While there are numerous paving options, asphalt paving is highly recommended. Aside from affordability, asphalt paving your parking lot enhances its aesthetic appeal and reduces the need to spend too much on asphalt cleaning and maintenance.

6. How Do You Charge Your Clients?

Ask the asphalt contractor’s pricing, including all charges and applicable fees for supplies, labor, permits, and other things required to complete the project. Create a budget and talk to the asphalt contractor about your options and their recommendations to ensure a successful result.


Asking the questions above will help you narrow down your options and ensure you’re hiring the best asphalt contractor in New Mexico or elsewhere. The initial interview provides a great opportunity to ask and gauge a contractor’s experience, expertise, and professionalism.