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Here are 10 Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid in This Decade

Different trends in men’s fashion keep emerging and individuals have more freedom to experiment with styles than ever before. Many people often end up breaking some fashion rules because they want to express themselves.

However, this can make it difficult to create a nice impression. The truth is that your dressing can boost your self-esteem and the little things we overlook matter. Let’s take a look at some fashion faux pas you can’t afford to make.

Using too many accessories

Wearing the right accessories can transform an outfit from drab to sophisticated. Even so, don’t go over the top with them. The best thing is to opt for a few ones that will blend with your outfit.

That being said, one important accessory you should never skip is your wristwatch. It has the power to make you look well-groomed and attractive. There are lots of styles out there and you won’t need to break the bank before getting something classy.

Visible undershirt

Undershirts will come in handy to protect your clothing from sweat and stains. There is nothing attractive in an undershirt that’s showing.

They belong to the underwear category and must therefore stay hidden.

Nevertheless, don’t skip them as they can help increase the lifespan of your shirts.

Buying impulsively

A lot of consumers fall into the trap of buying impulsively, especially if there’s a discount. This is a tricky way to embrace the fast fashion trend which is causing more harm than good.

The trend is making landfills to overflow, contributing to clutter in the homes and many people are working in deplorable conditions. It’s not surprising that several cheap clothing items have certain issues or you will later realize that you don’t need them.

However, you can still take advantage of sales once in a while.

Wearing branded t-shirts

Wearing branded t-shirts all the time is unacceptable even if you’re an ardent fan of designer brands and can afford them. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not a smart way to reveal the quality of your clothing.

Choosing plain t-shirts or the ones with classic patterns can help you make a fashion statement effortlessly. Alternatively, you can buy t-shirts with inconspicuous logo to make it less distracting.

Your date or friends won’t even care if you’re wearing a branded t-shirt or not. The bottom line is to invest in quality t-shirts that offer comfort.

Using the wrong tie

Ties are among the clothing items that can give you a polished look. This is a common mistake that many men still make. It’s imperative to consider your body type before buying ties. The rule of thumb is that your tie length should accentuate your belt buckle and be perfect for your torso.

In case you haven’t mastered the art of tieing a tie, there’s no better time to learn than now.

Failing to invest in quality shoes

Your shoes can reveal a lot about your personality. Cheap shoes are not a smart way to save money because they are usually made from inferior materials that will break down in no time.

Given this, be deliberate about buying enough quality shoes that will match your outfit. For instance, neutral-colored Kleman shoes will complement several clothing items.

Ensure that your shoe collection contains either pointed-toe or rounded shoes instead of square-toed ones that are outdated. Shoe trees are your best bet for maintaining the shapes of your shoes and will help with moisture absorption.

Shoe maintenance also entails polishing. Endeavor to take this step at least once a week.

Wearing ill-fitting blazers

Blazers are a must-have for every man. The wrong one can ruin your entire look. Blazers that are too long or too short won’t make you look sharp. Make sure that they fit well before leaving the store as your clothes should be well-tailored at all times.

Avoid relying on the opinion of the store assistant alone when shopping for blazers or any other clothing item. This is because their goal is to convince you to purchase at the end of the day. You can visit the store with a fashion-conscious friend if that area isn’t your

Buying a few basics

It’s ideal to have enough wardrobe staples such as t-shirts, sweaters, and vests. Opt for versatile pieces so that you can pair them with most of your shorts, pants, blazers, and the likes. Even though the basics are essential, they are inexpensive if you shop in the right place.

Wearing several colors at once

There is nothing wrong with loving bold colors. However, using multiple colors at once can lead to a fashion disaster. Chances are you will attract a lot of attention but not the type you want.

It’s not all men that can pull wearing bold colors off. The few lucky ones understand the principle of ‘less is more’ and will likely play with colors when accessorizing. Consider wearing basic colors with a pop of any bold color that matches your outfit.

Not having a signature scent

A signature scent can transform your style and make you irresistible. More so, the right scent will enhance your mood and this will make you feel more confident. The best thing is to invest in fragrances that match your taste and personality.

Be clear about what you want in a fragrance when shopping online or visiting the departmental store. The level of concentration of the ingredients will determine how long the scents will last. Scents with the highest concentration tend to be more expensive and vice versa.

Working with a stylist can help you get clothes that fit your unique style. Apart from that, it’s a smart way to avoid the mistakes mentioned above.

It’s advisable to dress accordingly for each setting whether there is a dress code or not. Fashion trends will continue to evolve, but timeless clothing items and accessories are bound to stand the test of time. Try to focus on fit and quality instead of jumping on every passing trend.