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8 Out of the Ordinary Home Improvements You Can Try

When you were younger, your idea of a dream house probably included out-of-this-world concepts. Maybe you were fond of unicorns, dinosaurs, spaceships, treehouses, or castles back then. Perhaps you even imagined living in a doughnut or a cake house.

As you got older, your idea of a dream house has probably changed. Still, there are plenty of unique things that you can incorporate that are the perfect combination of practical and playful. Don’t believe it? Here are a few home improvement ideas that might tickle your fancy:

A Set of Grandstand Bleachers

If you already have a basketball court or other sports facilities at home, you can up the ante with a set of grandstand bleachers. This way, you can gather your friends and family to recreate a high-energy stadium experience in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t have enough space for playing games, another idea is to set-up an outdoor drive-in theater with the same bleachers. With a projector screen (or even just your house’s walls) and some snacks, you can enjoy that old-school atmosphere as you watch your favorite films.

A Fire Pit

A fire pit is quite “tame” as far as out of the ordinary goes, but it definitely has huge appeal. Indeed, lighting up a fire pit can make your gatherings extra special with a warm and cozy ambiance. You can roast marshmallows, share stories, and stargaze (without being bothered by pesky insects, too) right in your own backyard. A fire pit can also enhance the beauty of your home and increase its value.

You can use different kinds of rocks for your fire pit, but broken pieces of concrete or patio blocks can also serve the same purpose. If you want to add some greenery, make sure to place them far enough so they don’t catch the embers. Finally, add some seating options. Stone and wooden benches are perfect, but you might also want to try more unique options such as tree stumps.

A Raised Floor

Raising your floors is a good idea to delineate a specific space. This works well in bedrooms, where you can place the bed on the elevated area as the focal point. You can also choose to put it on the lower level to create an illusion of a sunken bed. A raised floor is also a good concept for living rooms. It can help make the space feel more spacious and give it a classic, elegant look. In addition, you can use a raised floor to hide water pipes and electrical lines, as well as add natural insulation.

A Concrete Kitchen Countertop

For those bored of their old, outdated countertops, don’t replace it with tile, natural stone, or wood just yet. Instead, consider using sealed and polished concrete. Not only is it heat-resistant but it’s also scratch-resistant. You can also embed materials such as stones and shells for added visual interest. With proper upkeep, a concrete countertop can last for decades. What’s more, it can increase the value of your home, just in case you end up selling your property. A concrete countertop looks simple and elegant at the same time—and can even match almost any style of interior design.

A Hanging Bed

No, this is not your usual swing bench with some fluffy cushions. This is literally a bed that’s suspended from the ceiling. Essentially, it’s a super-sized hammock! Fun, right? Make sure that you use sturdy materials for the cords (chains and thick ropes come to mind); moreover, check that the ceiling can support the weight of the bed and the occupant. Hanging beds are a great idea for children’s bedrooms. You can decorate the bed like a flying carpet, airplane, boat, or even a dragon!

A Round Bed

If a hanging bed isn’t to your taste, a round bed might be more up your alley. It can make a space look more inviting, especially when you think of the bed like a nest. If you like the idea of hanging beds, on the other hand, you can double the coziness and fun by installing a round hanging bed!

A Staircase Slide

This feature is perhaps best popularized by Google offices around the world. But who says you can only do it in an office? It’s perfectly possible to also have a staircase slide at home. What’s great is that a staircase slide can double as a playground for children when they can’t go out for any reason. You can also use it to add a bit of fun to your exercise routine. Just run up the stairs and slide down, then repeat the process.

A Ping Pong Door

For those who want a game room but don’t have enough space, a door that transforms into a ping pong table is the perfect solution. Obviously, most of these doors aren’t sized exactly like ping pong tables. Still, the point is that you can quickly fold the door down for a quick game and then easily put it back once you’re done. Like the staircase slide, this home improvement also doubles as fitness equipment. Win-win for you, your family, and your guests.

What about you? What are some of the things that you’d like to add in your dream home?

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