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How to Choose The Best Gifts For Harry Potter Fans

We also call them potter heads. If you are in the age of between 18 and 35, you probably are a Harry potter’s fan. Or, you definitely know someone who is. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Whether it is meant to be a birthday present, or you have just decided to lighten up their day with a surprise gift. This is the way to go. Don’t just get them anything. Get them something special. They will remember you forever.

Below, we have compiled a list of the best gifts for Harry potter fans you could never think of. Let’s dive right into it.

A Personalized Harry Potter Themed Cake

Whether or not it is their birthday, blessing your best potterhead friend with a Harry potter themed cake will delight them. Make sure it has an illustration of the Harry potter’s book, the magic wand, and the legendary ‘mischief manage’ Harry potter’s quote. I promise you they will remember you for life, for doing this for them.
A Harry Potter cookbook

This will come in handy for a person who spends most of their day in the kitchen. A Harry Potter cookbook surprise will excite them to their stomach.

A Coffee or Soup Mug

Decorate this with Harry Potter’s distinct images. Put the ‘Marauders map’ on it. Or the Harry Potter hat. Or the magic wand. Let them enjoy their coffee with fresh memories of their favorite character. Or enjoy their soup with renewed memories of their best series.

Harry Potter Stickers

This is another brilliant way to refresh their memories of Harry Potter all over again. Gift them with their favorite character’s stickers to stick on their laptops. So they could find motivation to work every time they sit on that desk. Or their favorite quotes like ‘ministry of magic’ to stick on their fridge.

Harry Potter Merchandise

What better way to gift a Harry Potter fan than with a t-shirt printed ‘mischief managed’? This could be a pair of boxers too, or a sweatshirt. I promise you, they will wear it every day.

Harry Potter’s Specs

If they wear glasses, why not surprise them with a replica of Harry Potter’s specs? They will make you their best friend forever.

Harry potter posters

Everyone likes to put their icons close to them all the time. If you have a diehard Harry Potter fan, find out who their best character is and surprise them with a poster of them. They can hang this in their bedroom wall, or their kitchen, or even their living space. This way they can show off their undying love for this character.

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

This is the best one so far. Nothing will thrill your friend like getting them a customized Hogwarts acceptance letter. Make sure you put their names on the letterhead.

Harry Potter Inspired Jewelry

Trying to find the perfect gift for your lady-friend? This is the best way to go. How about a ‘time turner’ pendant gold necklace? Or a ‘snitch’ pendant diamond bracelet. This will surely make their eyes pop out.