Monday, June 21, 2021

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Traits That Make You an Effective Leader in Your Medical Practice

In any community, leadership roles are present, needed, and even sought after. Groups as small as class projects and as large as countries have someone that spearheads the ideas or makes sure goals are met. Just exactly why are leaders necessary? Why do so many people want leadership positions? These are all questions that need answering, but surely, the label of “leader” shouldn’t be thrown around and given to just anyone.

According to Northeastern University, leaders are key figures in inspiring their organizations. Their presence helps them to achieve goals as well as boost productivity. Think of leaders as the iMatrix in their respective communities and organizations. With this in mind, it isn’t hard to understand why a good leader is sought after, moreso in the medical field. The medical field isn’t as simple as a group project or a fan community in need of an admin because decisions made by leaders in this field may drastically affect the lives of many people and even an entire population.

So what does it take to earn the title of “Leader” in the medical field? What traits make you an effective leader in your medical practice?

  • Change and Challenge: For years and years, the medical field has continued to grow and to innovate. These changes don’t happen overnight and they also don’t happen out of nowhere. As a leader, you must be able to adapt, challenge, and step out of your comfort zone to be able to try new processes, ideas, and approaches especially should they be coming from those whom you supervise. A leader’s willingness to try new things and to take on challenges are things that inspire those they work with to try as well.
  • Educate and Guide: Mentoring skills are a most-sought after trait in any leader and the same can be said for the medical field. A leader must be able to impart knowledge and educate those whom they work with as this knowledge is then shared with entire populations. This can especially be seen during these times of the Corona Virus pandemic.
  • Team Player: Good and effective leaders build effective teams that compliment each other and help each other reach their goals. Leaders are able to see opportunities for these teams to challenge themselves and each other. A good leader is able to see a desired future and helps their teammates reach this with the help of one another and providing patients and stockholders the best possible outcomes. 

There are many ways a person can be an effective leader, but its the commitment to using these traits to better serve their teammates and those who work under them. Being able to impart their knowledge and expertise as a means of inspiring either colleagues or the next generation of medical practitioners is no small feat but is one what is highly commendable and cherished.

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