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Go Bold With Fun Underwear

Some people absolutely obsess over their underwear; for others, they don’t really give them much thought. If you are one who doesn’t think too much about it, you definitely should.

Your underwear is something that most people will never see besides yourself, but you are also the only one who has to feel them on you all day long. So, giving some thought to what you wear under what you wear can afford you some comforts for your unmentionables throughout your day today.

What Exactly Are “Fun” Underwear?

Fun underwear basically comes down to underwear that you can enjoy past just providing a nice cradle for your bits and bobs. When you can take off your pants and get a laugh that doesn’t absolutely crush your ego to bits, it’s definitely more enjoyable than getting a laugh in regular underwear.

Funny patterns, pictures, or sayings on your underwear are definitely an unexpected surprise in those moments when the pants come off, and can definitely make a great impression when it counts the most. Confidence and a sense of humor are qualities that most people find attractive in another person, so your underwear can be a great way to show that you have both.

If You Are Going To Wear It, May As Well Enjoy It

You can see funny shirts and hats all the time, but not many ever get the experience of seeing funny underwear. Having fun with your wardrobe is something we can all get into.

People use their clothing as a way to express to the rest of the world who they are in a simple glance. Pictures and phrases can give others a sense of the person you are without having to weed through the people you aren’t compatible with.

They don’t like your favorite funny shirt? They probably won’t like you. Fun underwear are a more intimate form of this in situations where your favorite old tee just isn’t appropriate.

Humor Is Sexy; Get You Some!

If you are on a date and the other person hasn’t so much as cracked a chuckle, you can feel fairly certain that there won’t be a second date, let alone breakfast. You absolutely have to have some semblance of a sense of humor if you ever expect anyone to be around regularly, and especially to let you see them naked.

So, when you get to the point where the pants are coming off, it’s a nice addition when you have one last hidden laugh under there. Under where? Exactly. It’s a bold move, and it will likely work out for you.

You Can Even Get New Pairs Delivered

Nobody wants to go underwear shopping. It’s boring and kinda creepy when random people watch you pick out what you don’t want everyone to see. But with the age of home-delivered everything, you no longer have to have someone’s grandma and a random kid watching you pick out underwear.

Simply pop out your computer or cell phone and the interwebs are full of underwear that can hug your nuts without chapping your butts. Ship them to your house and dance around in your brand new undies to the sounds of some late 90s pop, if that’s what tickles your fancy.

Underwear can make a statement when a statement could mean getting that pancake in the morning or not. So, don’t take that chance. Get yourself some fun underwear and seal that deal with a chuckle and a smile. Do you want that bacon and eggs? Let your underwear do the talking and get that breakfast!