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3 Ultimate U.S. Routes to Explore With Your Motorcycle

There is nothing more exhilarating than speeding through some of the most picturesque bike roads while feeling the roaring power beneath you. Riding a bike gives you a sense of freedom like that of a bird soaring in the sky. It’s also a great stress reliever and can even improve your mental faculties. Many countries have roads that are perfect for that exciting bike ride. If you are in the United States, for instance, there are dozens that you would want to try out.

Before venturing on any of them, ensure that you have the right safety gear and accessories. Having them would make your ride truly worthwhile and most of all, enjoyable. So what are the best locations in the US for a gratifying bike ride?

Slay the Dragon’s Tail

In Tennessee, there is a section of the US Route 129 that some call the Dragon, others refer to it as Deal’s Gap. The stretch of road, which runs for 11 miles, is said to have more than 300 curves thus earning it the moniker Tail of the Dragon. Many seasoned bikers consider it to be one of America’s best bike roads. Among its many curves, some are so sharp and challenging that most bikers started identifying them by name. One of them is the Gravity Cavity, so-called because of its sudden twist and steep drop with a sudden climb out. This is why it is important to choose a bike with power and flexibility to slay the Tail of the Dragon. This way, you will fully experience the joy and thrill of riding along this route.

Speed Up High on Beartooth Pass

High above the Rocky Mountain that straddles the states of Montana and Wyoming is a 68-mile stretch of road called Beartooth Highway. Officially a section of the US Highway 212, it was once called the most beautiful drive in the US. It is not surprising to be named as such because indeed it provides you with a smooth ride with scenery that’s a sight for sore eyes. The path slices through glacier-cut valleys, turning toward thick forests, and finally revealing a magnificent view of alpine meadows that can take on different hues during springtime. It’s closed during winter because of freezing conditions and heavy snowfall but you can ride all you want along this pass from Spring through Fall.

Ride the Coast on Route 1

If you like the smell of the ocean, then you would love riding a section of US Route 1 in the state of Maine. Stretching 167 miles from Brunswick to Machias, the two-lane smooth asphalt road will take you through charming villages and scores of important lighthouses. You can smell the delightful breeze off the ocean combined with the fresh scent of crustaceans as you ride. Like all other bike roads, the path is full of twists and detours, making for a truly stimulating ride. This route is best during Spring and Fall seasons when the road is seldom used by vehicles going to beaches.

Cruising through the U.S. roads on your motorcycle will be one trip that is never forgotten. Just be sure to do some research and make sure you and your bike are up to the challenge. Once you’ve done all the prep, you can be sure to enjoy going through mountains, woods, and state rivers. Not to mention, you will feel the rush that you’ve been looking for and at the same time, enjoy the freshness and solitude of these locations.