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How to Find the Perfect Brain Injury Lawyer Los Angeles?

Every year due to accidents caused by someone else around 425,000 people suffer from traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic brain injury can change each and every aspect of life. Traumatic brain injury results in serious symptoms like loss of concentration and focus, struggle to control the emotions or loss of mental capacity. If you try for a brain injury claim against the one responsible for it, it may provide you with the amount required to go for treatment or to begin your life again. If you have the right brain injury lawyers in Los Angeles like the Odjaghian Law Group, then it can bring a great difference in your claim. You should know what to see in a traumatic brain injury lawyer.

1.Lawyer Experience – For a traumatic brain injury, when you go for lawsuits, you require an experienced lawyer who has worked with the same type of cases in your area earlier. Experience makes all the difference in the brain injury claim. An experienced lawyer brings a lot of useful traits to the table, including – knowledge of insurance companies, knowledge of the law, and knowledge of the local court system.

2.Positive Reviews From The Lawyer’s Clients – Before you select a brain injury lawyer, take out some time to carefully read the reviews. When you examine several categories of reviews, then it becomes helpful in determining whether the lawyer is good for you. You can give the reviews on the lawyer’s website or on a legal website and you can even check on Google and social media.

3.A Great Legal Team – Few lawyers work independently while others work as a part of a large firm. Before you confirm the lawyer you want, take some time to ask questions like – who will be representing you to the insurance company? If the case goes to the court then will you get the lawyer whose name is on the top or someone else will represent you? Definitely, you would like to work with a firm having a solid legal team with a lot of experience. These lawyers together share great expertise and may work together to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. While working with an efficient legal firm you know that you will get good representation.

4.Reasonable Payment Arrangements –

You know that lawyers become expensive very quickly when you go to court for compensation after a traumatic brain injury. While you are prepared to pay the bills you may struggle to bear with payments throughout the process, or you may have to make financial arrangements according to your budget. You may not be able to work due to a brain injury. Limited working hours for changed salary with changed responsibilities in the job may leave you struggling financially especially because the medical bills increase. When you choose an attorney, cost matters. A lot of lawyers understand the financial struggle and provide reasonable payment arrangements.


To find a lawyer, after a traumatic brain injury, helps to seek the compensation you deserve and provides representation and advice when you go for a claim. By doing research and taking the time to contact a lawyer that fits your needs, you can make the claim process easier for yourself.