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The Best Designer Purses to Buy to Resell Later

Choosing a Chanel bag is not a choice you make in a vacuum. You need to choose handbags that will be quite valuable when you come to sell them. You may choose from a number of different brands, but there are some that sell much better than others. Take a look at your options, think outside the box as you shop, and remember that a number of handbags will retain their value for years to come.


Chanel will always have value on the fashion market. The is one brand above all others that will always have massive value. The company has built up a brand around their logo, and that logo is found on all their handbags. They sell everything from the very small papillon to the very large day bag that a busy woman needs. These bags have a bit of flair because of the way that Chanel designs their pieces, and they are willing to cover every color on the market. A Chanel bag is not the only choice on this list, but it may well be your best choice.

2.Louis Vuitton

You may prefer Louis Vuitton bags because they have been exciting to you for your entire life. The only way to find a handbag that has any more value than Louis Vuitton is to buy Chanel. However, some people prefer to buy Vuitton because the jacquard on the exterior of almost all their bags is obvious. Anyone who is anyone knows what the brand is all about. There might not have a Louis Vuitton bag, but they know what that jacquard is all about. These bags will last for a very long time because of how they have been constructed, but they will look delicate in many instances because of how they have been built and designed. The company comes out with new bags every year, and they always produce something that will catch your eye.


Gucci us a little bit more understated than some other companies when they make handbags. They have the G logo that they put on many of their bags, but they have not wandered so far outside of the norms of the industry that they have many their bags look silly or cartoonish. People will always love Gucci, and they might prefer Gucci to other brands because they wear so many other things that come from the Gucci brand.


Burberry is the understated and elegant style of England that everyone loves to try. It is the perfect brand for someone who is trying to dress their best while not making it obvious where their bag came from. You can completely change the way that you dress and accessorize yourself if you are using Burberry, and you could even get some of their larger bags that are perfect for travel. Someone who is accustomed to traveling light might prefer to have a large Burberry handbag on their arm when they get on the plane.

5.Michael Kors

Michael Kors makes a lovely range of simple bags, and he has long been a titan in the industry because his styling is so simple. A woman could buy a handbag from this brand today that will still look perfect several decades from now. He uses just the right colors, and he marks his bags in a way that makes them very easy to recognize. However, the marking is not so strong that you feel you need to hide it when you are out in public.


Coach has been synonymous with leather for a long time. You might have heard older people in your family talk about buying something with Coach leather. That alone was enough to make them want these handbags, and you could go to Coach right now looking for a classy handbag that will hold its value when it is time to sell. You probably had no idea these bags were so popular, but they are some of the finest in the world. You could begin using Coach bags all the time simply because they are so basic in their design, but the Coach label is one that people will recognize no matter where you are.

7.Dolce And Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana is not known for their bags so much as their clothes, but they still have a very powerful name in the fashion industry. If you are using bags from Dolce and Gabbana, you will be instantly obvious to anyone who is interested in fashion. You could get some amazing bags that will tie together all your looks, and you will find that the bags you have chosen will carry the D&G logo that people have come to know. Get used to the idea that you can update your style purely by using one of these bags and catching people off guard because they did not realize that those bags were so lovely.


Fendi is a handbag lime that has two faces. The Fendi brand has an F jacquard that has long been their signature, but they also have a lovely plain style that has a small Fendi badge most people do not notice. You could sell both of these styles easily, and they look amazing on the street because their either show off the pattern of the leather work that is underneath. You deserve to feel great when you are walking down the street, and you could sell it for a good price when the time comes.


You could get Prada bags that have the bold colors you have come to expect from this company, and you will find the dainty Prada label almost out of sight when you are carrying it around. Many people fall in love with these bags because they love the way that they look, but others like the stately badge that comes on every bag. They are a fun brand to use, and they are often the brand that people will turn to when they are not sure what they want to carry.

10.Kate Spade

Kate Spade made a whole emp
ire around handbags. She built up her fashion line around the bags that she created, and she simply branched out from there. You could sell a Kate Spade bag for a very good price, and you will find that you are getting a massive return on investment because they all have such timeless style. You can get even the most brash of colors, and you will find someone that wants to buy that bag in a couple years when you are ready to move on.


The bags that you are carrying should be chosen based on their brand and the resale value that you think you can get. All the brands that are listed above will help you return some money to your pocket when you sell, and they have the name recognition that is needed if you want to sell them. You can post them online at any time, and you will find that there is someone who will want to buy for the price you have posted.