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Best Practices for Contacting Recruiters on LinkedIn

Searching for a job can be hard, but it does not have to be. Numerous social media platforms allow graduates to link with potential employers. LinkedIn has over 700 million users and 55 million organizations. Users can connect with individuals from over 200 countries. So, how relevant is LinkedIn in the job market? LinkedIn allows individuals to build professional networks. Research shows that approximately 80% of recruiters use the platform to search for and hire employees. Therefore, you will likely land your dream career opportunity on the site. But first, you need to learn how to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn. It is important to become proactive and make the first move on hiring managers. Read below to see the tricks you can apply when contacting recruiters. These tips will help increase your chances of landing a job, whether you are a first-time seeker or a seasoned professional looking to change jobs.

Connect on Other Social Channels

You must first research potential recruiters and connect with them on other platforms. For example, follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Catch up with their content, like, share and engage with it. The tactic would ensure you have common ground for your conversation. Moreover, having similar connections or belonging to the same professional group will give you a starting point to spark a conversation with the recruiter.

Thorough Research

It is important to research and identify the right individual to message. Some firms list their employees on LinkedIn, making it difficult to determine the hiring managers. Recruiters have different titles, including human resource manager, talent acquisition, or director of people. If you contact any of these people, you will likely get help. Alternatively, check out the job posting to see if it provides information about the person to contact. You can search for the term “recruiter” or related words in your area of expertise. Filter your results by including your city to find recruiters in your locale. Further, double-check to ensure the hiring professional still works in your preferred company.

Be Specific 

Recruiters will decide to read or not read your message based on your subject line. You must create an attention-grabbing title describing your competencies or the company’s needs. Ensure the title and message are short, pleasant, and polite. The language should also be professional and courteous. Rude messages are a turnoff and will cost you a productive exchange. Only provide relevant information and tailor the message to the specific role you want. Remember, hiring managers handle multiple listings. They have limited time to spend on each message. Your message to the recruiter will create the first impression they will have on you. So, be honest and clearly state what you want.

Send a Tailored Connection Request

Attach a personalized message to your connection request to the recruiter. It will increase your chances of acceptance. Once the talent acquisition expert accepts your request, you can send them a concise LinkedIn message describing your qualifications and the position you want. Be sure to attach your resume too. Finally, develop a productive relationship with the recruiter by sending follow-up messages. However, be careful not to spam their inbox.


Contacting recruiters online seems complicated. However, knowing simple ground rules will make your quest easy. There is no one-size-fits-all formula that helps everyone to attain the results they want. But following these tips will be a step in building a better relationship with recruiters and getting yourself hired.