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How to Install Glass Tiles

Glass tiles, are a type of modern tiles, if you are looking for some artistic styles etc. these are known for their shades and styles. Basically glass tiles does not have features on them, they are quite plain. But the shades which the glass throws, when you move around while keeping your eye on the glass tile .

You can choose the best crystal shades for your favorite spots in your house, office or any other place you want to renovate or upgrade quite artistically. These are not affordable tiles, they are rather a bit expensive. You must make sure that you have got enough money, otherwise you will b stuck in your plan.

Glass tiles are of various types such as Bella glass tiles large subway tiles . Anyhow, despite all these tiles, the main feature which differentiate glass tiles from other ceramics and cement tiles is the price and process of installing these tiles.

You ought to be very meticulous in this regard otherwise your entire look will be spoiled. And it is an inevitable phenomenon then, I have seen a number of people blaming the quality of tiles. on pondering it turned out that the issue was with the installing process.

Keeping in view the ne dot understand the installing process I have summed up it in this article. You ought need to follow the whole process you can skip some steps if you feel like, but it is advisable to follow and read each caution and tip before starting.

Finding substrates

You can use various substrates. The best ones are cement bake boards, which also be used for cement tiles and ceramic tiles. you can also use, cured concrete. Whenever you are trying to put the substrate up, make sure that the walls are dry, otherwise the cement boards will be destroyed completely.

Preparing the wall

You must put substrate equally on every portion, this can eb down while using a smooth wooden plate or a board. You can also use some other things for keeping it aligned at the same level, you might be putting this substrate on the walls, in the form of some blocks. When you do this make sure that each block of substrate is a linked with the following and preceding ones.

Applying glaze

This step might sound some sort of joke, but to be very honest let me clear this perception you need to clear the inner side of the tiles for a very good looking and appealing finish. You can sue various glues and smoothing crack isolation solutions.

This will be the moisture barrier, so whenever you will be using the layer it must keep your mortar safe from any kind of water or moisture and ultimately your tiles will be fixed at the same place for ages.

Making a template

You ought to make an imaginary template before putting on the tiles, you would be fixing them in a vertical fashion, which is the traditional method for fixing glass tiles. while you do this, keep in mind that in between two tiles there must eb a difference and space of almost 1 inch, this will keep you understand the number of tiles you will be using for a particular place.

Applying adhesives

Your adhesive must not be in very thick layer, you can use a thin brush and you are ought to do this in a fanning motion. Otherwise your glass tiles would not look well furnished. The double layers of liquid will look like a mess.

Placing the tiles

Now it is the time to put a thin layer of mortar, when you are done with it. place the tile gently on it position. Use a hammer or some other hard object for pressurizing the tiles. let the tiles set for almost 24 hrs, this will keep them in place for longer periods. Make sure that there is no one around to disturb them.