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How can printed materials maximise your brand visibility?

Every business wants to stand out in the crowded marketplace. You know the unique selling points your business offers – but how do you communicate that to your potential customers? With so many different businesses clamouring for the attention of the same customer base, it’s essential you find a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately that doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult, or time consuming. The rise of online dependency in marketing has left a huge unexplored seam of promotional materials in the form of offline marketing. CustomĀ printed envelopes, stationary, leaflets, posters, flyers, and brochures could be the perfect way for your business to stand out.

Why are printed materials so effective?

As mentioned, more and more marketing is becoming digitally focused. People are growing so used to having their email inbox and social media pages presented with adverts that it’s becoming part of the scenery. People simply don’t pay much attention to them now.

There’s a very real tangible quality to offline marketing materials. You can touch them, feel them, and they seem so much more real as a result. In many cases even just giving someone they can actually hold rather than simply look at on a screen is enough to capture their attention. Once you have their attention you can begin to cultivate their interest by appealing to their wants and needs, and you’re well on your way to converting them into a loyal customer.

Is custom printing too expensive for you?

The simple answer is no! There was a time when custom printing anything required a considerable marketing budget, but those days are long gone. Thanks to improvements in technology and the rise of print on demand services, it’s easier and cheaper than ever. This means that it’s well within the achievable grasp of small to medium sized businesses of all types.

It’s not just letterheads and envelopes either. You can apply your branding to all manner of different items, such as clothing, stationary, and much more. This gives you a variety of options to build up an effective offline marketing program to work alongside your online marketing drive. That freedom allows you to promote your business in line with your ideals, to show your customers a bit of the personality behind your branding, and to carve a unique niche.

A word about combining online and offline marketing

Is online or offline marketing better? The truth is that they both have their strengths, and as both are affordable and accessible to all businesses every business should be using both. A cohesive cross-platform marketing effort can work wonders for building your brand.

For example, have your social media promotions encourage people to request a brochure. Or include a QR code in your sales letters for customers to scan and get a special discount. There are many different ways you can use both online and offline marketing tools to work together and make each other that much more effective.

The journey to a bigger brand starts with custom printing.