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Discover the Best Ways To Style a Black Dress for Spring

The little black dress is an iconic staple in every woman’s closet because of the way it makes the wearer look stylish and put together, and because of the versatility of the garment. There’s not just one way to wear a black dress, such as . . . a black dress and black heels. This can be a Look, don’t get us wrong. But black dresses can also be fancied up, dressed down, full length, mini length, flowy, skintight, even a two piece set. And the materials used for little black dresses include virtually every fabric for unique new spins on the classic look. 

We support a little black dress with hightops as much as a black maxi dress with heels. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the styling of black dresses. We’re entering spring now, the season of fresh starts, pulling out all the warm weather clothes you forgot you own, and replacing old pieces with ones more suited to the trends you feel like rocking this season. It’s a great time to get interested in styling the black dress in new and unexpected ways. 

Here are our top ways to style little black dresses this spring, in order to put your own twist on a classic piece.

With a Pop-of-Color Accessory

No one ever said black is boring; if they did they were wrong. But you can still spice up a single-color look with a pop of a bright shade, like an emerald clutch bag. It’s the perfect way to go from a discrete person in the crowd or at the party to the girl everyone’s eye turns to, because who isn’t drawn to bright and shiny things? Don’t worry about your pop of color accessory upstaging you, either. You’re the brightest jewel in the room; your penchant for vivid colors just helps draw attention back to you.

With All Gold Accessories

This one’s for the coordination queens. There’s nothing better than matching the gold buttons on your LBD to your gold shoes, your gold rings, and your gold earring cuffs. It’s so satisfying to match, and there’s really no better way to let your outfit scream that you’re put together. Even if your life feels like it’s falling apart, your outfit reveals nothing. That’s how to convince even yourself.

With Chunky Combat Boots 

The stereotype about little black dresses only working with sleek and sophisticated styling is flat out wrong. You can stomp all over it in your chunky combat boots that you pair with your favorite black dress. We love a taste of the unconventional, because there’s no one way to follow a style. Comfy walking boots look great with dresses, and they’re perfect for all the spring mud too. 

And guess what? You can still look sleek and sophisticated in your combat boot and dress combo. If you want to, that is. You wear the dress, not the other way around. 

With Statement Heels

Take a walk on the wild side in animal print heels. Being bold in your outfit choices isn’t limited to bright colors—patterns have a lot to say too. A loud zebra print shoe says something like, It’s dancing time. A black dress that shows a little leg is the perfect way to reveal your adventurous shoes. 

With Matching Brown Accents

If you want your black dress to help you exude chill, beachy vibes, brown accessories are the best addition to your outfit. There’s something about brown that brings to mind a day lounging in the sun, or strolling around sun-dappled streets. It’s a comfort color that helps to tone down the severity of black and give it a mellow quality. Black with brown accessories is great for spring, since spring is time to kick back and relax in the returned sunshine.

With Knee High Boots

Spring is boot season, but unlike winter, it’s a chance to wear boots while showing some skin. We love the look of a structured knee high heeled boot with a patterned slip dress; nothing about it says “typical little black dress outfit” because everything about it says “effortless and comfortable.” Just picture this look with a cropped brown suede jacket, or a turtleneck underneath. It’s a great way to transition from winter to spring on-trend.


The little black dress will never go out of style simply because there are so many diverse and trendy ways to style it. And because it’s an iconic classic statement piece that makes everyone look cool, obvi. Maybe wear your closet full of black dresses in a mimic of these inspirations. Maybe come up with an entirely original black dress look. However you wear it, we know you’ll look good in it. That’s the magic of the black dress. And the magic of you, bestie.