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Right Window Treatments to Control Temperature in Your Home

Windows are important and nobody would deny it. They bring in lot of sunshine and cool air while at the same time they also leak out the heated or cooled air. This leads to increase in energy bills. Design experts suggest that windows are responsible for as much as 20 percent of energy loss. Gator Blinds Florida shares with you a few window treatments which will help you maintain the right temperature and work on year-round energy maximization.

Keep the chill away

  • Cellular shades – Nothing comes close to honeycomb shades when you wish to insulate your windows for the winters. Their unique construction keeps the air trapped from leaking out and you feel snug and cozy in your den.

You can choose from varying thickness: single cell, double or triple. The more the thickness, the better the insulation.

  • Roman Shades – Roman shades Florida that come with insulated liner are also a perfect way to keep your rooms insulated in the chilly winter months. Even U.S. Department of Energy recommends roman shades for effective insulation. On windows that don’t receive sun rays during winters, keep the shades closed to prevent the cool air getting in. When combined with drapes, roman shades offer even greater insulation.

Beat the heat

Cellular Shades win here too. They keep the hot air out and cool air inside. They block the harsh summer sun rays and keep a room comfortable. You can also opt for blackout shades that offer more effective room darkening and keeps rooms cooler.

Plantation Shutters – The slats of plantations shutters can be adjusted to block the harsh sun rays. They even add value to the property.

Reflective blinds are another option at keeping the heat out. When completely closed, they reduce the heat gain and help keep the room temperature cool.

These were some of the window treatments that can help you maintain the right temperature year round and also save you big on energy bills. If you’re looking for other window treatments, you can visit our stores or call our home design experts by scheduling a free expert in-home consultation today.

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