Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Why Alu Polycore Shutters are Your Best Bet?

The look of wood, and stronger than aluminum, Gator Blinds is the only company to sell AluCore Poly Shutters® with an Aluminum Core in the Stiles and Louvers. These shutters are made from the finest quality solid poly materials with co-extruded aluminum core using the latest technology. They have a baked on waterborne paint, makes the Alucore Poly Shutters resistant against warping, cracking or chipping.

Composite wood shutters or Plantation shutters offer louver width of 28”, the Alucore Poly shutters have a panel width up to 36”. Wider panels offer uninterrupted outside view and they are super easy to clean. Aluminum is reinforced in all louvers and stiles keeps shutter arrow straight. Louvers are available in 2½, 3½ and 4½ inches size for a spacious plantation shutters look. Shutters are screwed together for superior strength.

Alucore Polyshutters are super energy efficient, 70% more insulation than wood and 1600% better than aluminum. Air conditioning accounts for nearly 45-65% of a monthly utility bill and windows take up to 11 to 24% of it. Orlando homeowners will appreciate the products that help them keep the energy bills down and contribute towards a greener tomorrow.

They have a high style quotient, so if you were wondering if they would look good in your living room, our experts give them thumbs up. You can install them anywhere in the house, even in high moisture areas as they are moisture and humidity resistant.

These shutters do not interfere with the room décor instead add an extra layer of safety, so you can install them in kids’ room as well. They are crafted from eco-friendly recyclable material and are hypoallergenic, no harmful gases are emitted. Cleaning them is super easy, a damp cloth or mild soap and water. They also offer superb light, noise and temperature control. Consider them over the wood shutters.

Alucore Poly shutters are an upscale alternative to wood shutters at a fraction of cost. You can have your shutters ready in two weeks and in case of emergency you can book expedited delivery where we deliver in one week. You can schedule a free in-home consultation with our window treatment experts and know more about Alucore Poly shutters Orlando.

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