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How to Make Your Cross-Country Move a Little Easier

Traveling across the country is an exciting adventure; however, a cross-country move can be a stressful logistical nightmare. One way of making the cross-country move as easy as possible is planning. Preparation is more than just purchasing a plane ticket and ensuring your vehicle is ready for the long journey.

If, for instance, you are moving from California to North Carolina or vice versa by car, the journey itself will reveal that you were not prepared enough for the move. Below are the tips that will help you get some control over the situation.

Prepare Logistics

The first step to planning your travel includes having a job lined up and a place to live in your destination. Additionally, consider whether you want to drive, fly to the destination or hire a moving company, and make moving plans for your cat or dog. Further, you also need to plan your route carefully, have a timeline, and prepare for lodging.

Go through your items: décor, clothes, dishes, books, keepsakes, furniture, and more. Next, check the items you want to keep once more – you never know how much stuff you do not need until you are repeatedly carrying them up long, winding stairs. While preparing your logistics, let go of things you do not need, and prepare to purchase new, updated house items.

Preparing for the Unexpected

For starters, you need to recognize that mishaps can occur along the way to your destination. Sometimes, delays along the road may reduce your intended mileage per day. Hotels you had booked might not be as attractive as they appeared online.

Upon arrival to your destination, things might not be perfect as your body struggles to adjust to the time zone change. Also, even after carefully packing and labeling boxes, it can be difficult to find everything you really need. Plus, your new town might not have a convenient go-to delivery, which is heartbreaking since you don’t have time to cook anything.

If you are relying on a moving company, can you ship a car with stuff in it? Keeping your necessities in one place will help keep your patience in check. With early preparation, if anything unexpected occurs, it will not be as devastating.

Everything Will be New

One of the biggest challenges of moving across the country is that you are experiencing everything for the first time. While most things are familiar to people living there, every little thing, from the grocery store to the gym, is very new to you. Naturally, this will require some adjustment time.

Just because you need to settle down as early as possible, do not try to rush things to happen. Give yourself some time (at least a year) to adjust and experience all, including new doctors, best commute routes, and even a go-to fast joint. Eventually, everything should work itself out and life will flow smoothly as long as you take the time to create plans up front.

While adjusting, keep an open mind. At the same time, read reviews on local establishments and make new friends. Very soon, you will have a list of friendly neighbors and settle down in your new home.


Moving across the country is a huge change, and as with any other life-altering event, the key to surviving and maintaining your sanity is preparation. At the core of any good moving strategy is a smart detailed plan that ultimately gives you a reassuring thought that you do have some control over the process.