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What is the Value of an Autograph?

Have you ever attended a live concert and had first-hand experience with your favorite artist or band performing? The thrill that comes with it is incredibly unmatched. However, leaving the show with a souvenir is ecstatic.

For every kind of fanatic, they get excited at acquiring something that will always remind them of their favorite star. Fans have an obsession with their stars. They view them as little gods, and getting hold of something that acts as their reminder gives them a sense of satisfaction.

One such thing that dates back from the ancient times is autographs. An autograph is a signature which is one of the most significant souvenirs you can have from a famous person. The more reason you see people queuing to get a glimpse of their favorite celebrity is, they may be lucky enough to get an autograph.

The value of an autograph?

An autograph from your favorite artist, band, author, player, political figure, or any other celebrity is a priceless treasure. However, autographs have monetary value as well, which increases its value with time.

Autographs are huge investments that can be worth millions of dollars. A collection of rare autographs is a sound investment to make because you have a guarantee of their value increase in the future.

Some of the most popular autographs are musicians and band autographs. For instance, Michael Jackson’s signed LP record ‘thriller’ goes for $1300 at

Other popular autographs include famous figures in sports, in politics such as George Washington and scientific research.

What determines the value of an autograph?

From a guitar signed by a famous ‘rock n roll’ band to a baseball signed by Babe Ruth, autographed items are valuable. The value of a signature or autograph depends on a couple of factors.

The popularity of the person

The popularity of a person determines the autograph’s value. In other words, whose autograph is it? Some people make huge impacts on people’s lives long enough to be called ‘icons.’ They are people whose images stay with us appearing regularly in our culture. They are famous and intensely sought after; hence their autographs are expensive.

For instance, one of the most expensive autographs in the US is George Washington’s signature on his copy of the constitution, the First Congress and Bill of Rights, which are priced collectively at $9.8 million. In the entertainment sector, we have Jimmy Page’s guitar tagged for $73,000. In the sports, we have Babe Ruth’s baseball that goes for an estimate $388,375. Such are examples of famous autographs.

Availability of the autograph

The availability of the person’s autograph is another factor that determines its value. Here, we’ll use the illustration of supply and demand in business. For example, James Dean’s autograph value is driven by good demand and a rare supply which resulted from his premature death. On the other hand, Babe Ruth’s signature value perpetually appreciates, but it is not rare.

If you have a signature from a widely popular person who rarely does autographs, it can be worth a big buck. In contrast, an autograph from a minor celebrity whose autographs are many may only be worth a few dollars.

Autograph medium

Autograph formats come in assorted varieties. The least value could be a small piece of paper or a cut from the larger document or an autograph album.

A legal agreement, document, contract, or even a check follows in the order of value, and next is a signed photograph. A handwritten and signed letter tops on the value chain of autographs.

For instance, Albert einstein’s (an icon in the world of scientific research) letter to a scientific colleague regarding the theory of relativity would go for a much higher price compared to his other casual letters.

The autograph’s condition

A signature that appears boldly in ink will command much more money than one that’s generically faded.


In a nutshell, the value of an autograph depends on the popularity or notoriety of the person. Additionally, rarity also increases its value.