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Why Black is the Best Color Ever

Back is a wearable color that compliments all skin tones and works with all body types. It is timeless and looks good on just about everyone. While many may associate wearing black with grief, it has a classic aspect to it and can typically be worn for most occasions. Here’s what you need to know about fashion and the color black.

A brief history

wedding dresses were black
Purple used to be the color of royalty, but black took more dye to produce, giving it extra gravitas. Back then, the common perception was that the darker or more intricate the fabric, the more expensive it was. This is why such tones are referred to as “royal” and “jewel.” Blackwork, black stitching on hard to clean white fabric, was the height of Tudor fashion. And in Spain and in some parts of Germany, even wedding dresses were black.

But then Victorians commandeered the color for mourning, and wedding dresses became white and changed completely in style. Black is still the go-to color for Western funerals today, but it can also be seen in many different styles including casual, business casual, and formal.

In fact, Coco Chanel’s little black dress revolutionized fashion. It became a uniform, readily available to those who could afford it. It was the epitome of simple elegance.

The world was a rapidly changing place, and still is today. Now women wear black pants, black shirts, black suits, and black just about everything.
black prom dresses
For example, black prom dresses are the most popular choice among high school students. This could be because it is a safe choice that is guaranteed to look good, or because they wish to create timeless photos that will look amazing as the years pass. More and more shoppers are navigating toward this color, especially when ordering online.

Wearing black gives the appearance of looking well put together. If you see someone walk in wearing all black, they stand out. It is associated with power and elegance. It’s hard to go wrong with black.


Black, although not the most affordable or readily available throughout history, has been a popular color. It is practical, hides blemishes, and requires less maintenance. It also has thermal qualities depending on what fabric it’s made out of. Black absorbs and retains heat, but also hides sweat stains.

It is not dominated by a certain gender and, in fact, it is the most gender-neutral color. Plus, it pairs well with most colors, and can ground brighter ones. This is why it’s often found in prints and on clothing with words on it.

Is black the best color ever? That’s up to personal opinion. But due to its timelessness, it’s functionality, and classic sophistication, it’s no surprise that the color ranks high on most people’s lists.