Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Benefits of an Electric Car

In recent years, a new kind of vehicle has finally found its way into mainstream motoring. You’ll find them sitting on suburban driveways, tethered to home charging points, with little green rectangles affixed to the end of their number-plates. It’s the much-heralded electric car.

With the British government planning to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, the stage is set for the electric alternative to sweep through and change the motoring landscape completely. But does that mean that it’s worth making the switch now? 

There are several reasons to suppose that this might be the case.

Lowered Emissions

If you drive an electric car, then you won’t have exhaust fumes coming out of the back of your car. This means less pollution in the area where you live, and that you’ll have an easier time abiding by the clean-air laws which are being rolled out in city centres across the country.

Cheaper to Run

Electric cars, on the whole, are less expensive to run than their internally-combusting equivalents. Not only is vehicle itself much cheaper to run, thanks to MPG-equivalent efficiencies that can run into the triple figures, it’s also cheaper to maintain, because every vehicle contains relatively few moving parts. Once you account for everything, including depreciation, tax, servicing and tyres, the electric car tends to exceed its conventional equivalent when it comes to running costs. Bear in mind, however that you’ll need to make a bigger one-off investment at the outset, in terms of things like home charging. 

Quieter Driving

An electric car is extremely quiet. To new drivers, it can be unnervingly quiet, in fact. A quieter drive means that you’ll have an easier time hearing your entertainment system, and that you’ll contribute to less noise pollutions.


Given that, by the looks of things, we’re all going to be going electric in the long-run, there’s a strong argument for biting the bullet and getting ahead of the curve early on. While battery efficiencies are likely to improve over time, meaning that the electric cars of a decade’s time will be superior to those being released today, that’s going to be true of every time you buy a car. Now that there are desirable models available from a range of manufacturers, it’s a great time to get on board – especially if your existing internal-combustion-engine-powered vehicle is approaching the end of its life.

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