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What is Pregnancy Massage?

Massage therapy involves moving, working, or manipulating the soft tissues, muscles, tendons, and skin. It helps to relax the nervous system, improve the blood flow promote the physical wellbeing.
Different people seek massage therapy for a variety of reasons. Some will do this to reduce, stress, pain, and anxiety levels.

During pregnancy, women are likely to suffer swollen joints and sore muscles. If this happens, be sure to sneak massage in your daily life: a DIY back massage, a foot massage from your partner, or a professional prenatal massage.

The quality of services you get is dependent on your massage therapist. For instance, SOCHi offer specialized coursework to its students to ensure they give the best services to their clients.

What’s Prenatal Massage?

Many expectant mothers turn to massage therapy to relax, soothe sore, and achy muscles before birth.
The process is similar to any other body massage therapy you can get in a spa. The only difference is that the massage therapist will make some few modifications to guarantee the safety and comfort for the mother and child.

The masseuse should be licensed to perform this type of massage. To make the process safe, some modifications are made. They include the following:

  • The mother doesn’t lay in her belly

It’s unsafe and highly uncomfortable. An expert masseuse will have the mother lay on her side as she cradles a body pillow. The pillow makes it easier for the therapist to access the mother’s back while ensuring her comfort.

  • The Mother doesn’t lay on her back

You don’t want to exert pressure on the vena cava. As such, the mother semi-reclines with the use of pillows behind her back, and knees.

Are Prenatal Massage Safe

You want to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy including relaxation and pain reduction. But at what point in your pregnancy do you start?

Well, you can receive a massage at any time. However, experienced masseuse advice against doing so in your first trimester.

At this stage, the risks of a miscarriage are high. But why? Massage therapy initiates a detoxification process. During this stage, your body will help deep clean and get rid of any toxins in your body.
That’s where the problem lies for pregnant mothers. If these toxins get to your bloodstream, they may pass to your child severely affecting them.

But if you live a healthy lifestyle, this is not likely to happen. You can start a massage therapy at any time. Be sure to check with your doctor on whether you’re safe for massage or not.

Why Have Prenatal Massage?

You already know that massage therapy is so relaxing. However, that’s not the only underlying benefit. Others include:

  • Help reduce stress

Expectant women have a lot on their minds: health, finance, and daily stresses relating to pregnancy.

  • Relieves Sore Muscles and Joint Pains

If you find your joints and muscles are sore, massage can help ease the pain by keeping the muscles flexible.

  • Improves Sleep

Many expectant women find it hard to sleep at night. However, with massage therapy, you’re able to sleep better and comfortably at night.