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Why Do Energy Efficient Fans Prove To Be A Useful Investment?

It is no myth that ceiling fans consume a lot of energy, but we are left with no choice but to use them because of the rising temperatures. Generally, people try to reduce their overall energy usage by switching off the fans and other electric equipment whenever they move out, which is a responsible decision. But, what they do not realise is that they can further reduce their energy consumption by using energy-efficient fans.

Using energy-efficient fans benefits doubly as they are eco-friendly and consume a lot less energy. Energy-efficient fans are energy star certified, which means that they’re proven to improve energy usage.

Ceiling fans provide good air circulation and are the best energy-efficient cooling systems available. Nowadays, you can also find smart ceiling fans that come with a remote and various other smart features.

If you are still not sure about the benefits of energy-efficient fans, these points will surely convince you that these are a smart investment:

1. Energy Efficient Fans Save Money

If you are trying to lower your energy bill, installing energy-efficient fans is the smartest move. Energy-efficient fans consume less than 35 watts an hour which is significantly lesser than regular fans (70-100W) and air conditioners (more than 1000W). It means that energy-efficient fans consume less than half the energy compared to other fans and air conditioners, which equates to a lot of savings at the end of the month. Crompton’s Energion HS comes with a 35 W BLDC motor and it consumes 50% less energy as compared to conventional fans. This low voltage fan ensures negligible losses, delivers high speed and performance.

2. Improved Lifespan

Energy-efficient fans not only save energy but are also sustainable. Modern energy-efficient fans use more advanced materials and technology to keep running in top condition and maximize energy efficiency for years to come. Your regular fan may seem fine, but behind the scene, it is wasting a lot more energy and providing a lot less RPM. As energy-efficient fans are manufactured keeping sustainability, they can offer the same cool and comfort for years to come.

3. Inverter-Friendly

Power outages are a common thing in India, and they can be irritating, especially during the humid summers. For such purposes, people buy inverters but running ordinary fans on an inverter can affect the inverter. That is not the case with energy-efficient fans. Since these fans consume very little power, they are friendly with inverters. Even during a power cut, you can use these fans without worrying about harming your inverter.

4. Can Operate In Low Voltage

While regular fans become inoperable during voltage fluctuations and low voltages, energy-efficient fans can still function well. Energy-efficient fans work optimally on a wide range of voltage. These fans can provide superior performance through a voltage range of 90V-300V. Energy-efficient fans won’t let you stress for voltages anymore.

5. Can Handle Continuous Operation For Hours

You can operate any fan for hours, but you would be damaging the coils, and probably overheating the motor, which, in the long term, will reduce the motor’s lifespan. In the case of energy-efficient fans, they have the best quality motors that can function for a much longer time without any issues. As a result, you can use these fans for a much longer period without worrying about overheating. It increases not only daily comfort but also the overall longevity of the fan.

6. Ceiling Fans With Remote

Most energy efficient ceiling fans now come with a remote that allows you to operate it without reaching out to the switchboard every time. The remote helps you to adjust the fan’s speed and switch it ON and OFF while resting on your couch. It can also help you adjust the right fan speed for proper airflow and maximum comfort.

7. Stay Worry-Free With Energy Efficient Fans

Now, you no longer need to compromise with your comfort or think about the recurring costs with an energy-efficient fan. Today, an energy-efficient ceiling fan is usually available within the price range of 1,500 – 3,000 INR. While the price of an energy-efficient fan may seem a bit higher than a normal fan, but it accommodates your needs perfectly while keeping your bills on the lower end.

Since the energy-efficient fans are a bit pricey compared to normal ceiling fans, they come with a long-lasting warranty of up to five years, covering the repair and replacement of any damaged parts of the fan. Crompton has a wide range of energy-efficient fans that provide the perfect value for money.