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Inpatient vs. Outpatient Drug Rehab – Which is Better?

Drug addiction is never a pleasant situation. And people who are addicted don’t feel good about their addiction for a long time. So, what stops them from quitting drugs? The answer is their mindset and willpower. Prolonged use of drugs makes a person lose out on the purpose of living a happy and peaceful life. Often, drugged individuals are trying to escape a bitter past or a challenging part of their lives. They are perennially in a confused state of existence, trying to find ways to free themselves from their addiction. The solution lies in either outpatient or inpatient drug rehab.

Inpatient drug rehab

The drug rehab programs get categorized into either outpatient or inpatient procedures. Patients need to realize the one that applies to them and choose the one. The primary difference between the two is the amount of time the patient needs to stay at the facility. Patients need to stay at an inpatient rehab for a month or two or more depending on their addiction severity for inpatient drug rehab. There are times when a patient also remains for about a year to heal themselves from drug abuse. To know more about this, you can check out inpatient rehab in Ohio.

During the inpatient rehab program, the patient undergoes various medical treatments and therapies. Some doctors test patients to find out the amount of drug present in the blood. They also conduct medical and other background check-ups to determine how drug abuse has impacted the patient. For instance, does the patient have mental issues with drug abuse such as depression or borderline bipolar disorder? In such situations, it is essential to use psychological counseling, along with addiction relief programs.

There are times when drug abuse makes a person violent and lose their sense of self. They talk and behave in a way that is drastically different than their personality. It becomes imperative for the medical professionals and counselors to go slow on the therapy during such extreme situations. Rushing to heal the person from addiction will not solve the issue at hand. It is essential to ensure that the person returns to his natural sense of the self for other therapies to follow and help him quit an addiction. Also, drug abuse is common in adults and the youth, and both respond to treatment differently. It is essential to customize programs that suit both these age groups, and this is possible in the inpatient alcohol rehab in Colorado.

Finally, the addicts must play an active part in trying to heal their addiction. Only then can they reach the root cause of addiction and make the best lifestyle changes to overcome the issue. Through prolonged inpatient care, the patients have the chance to talk to therapists, doctors, and counselors who help them in their journey. It gives them the hope that they can heal in an improved way.

Outpatient drug rehab

Simply put, the patients who opt-in for outpatient care don’t need to spend a prolonged time in a rehab or a residential facility. It is for patients whose addiction severity isn’t extreme. They are free to move out of the outpatient rehab once the process of therapy is over. It could be that they need to visit the therapist or doctors in the rehab facility many times in a month, depending on the program, but they can return home at the end of the day. Often, the patients need to wait until their medical tests or cognitive behavioral therapy to get over before leaving the facility. But till such time, there are no severe complications; outpatient care is one of the best options for quitting drug addiction.

One of the significant advantages of outpatient rehab is that patients don’t need to spend more than a single night. The patients can gradually overcome the problem of alcohol abuse within the comfort zone of their house. They don’t have to stay in a sterile room. Instead, they can choose their bed and couch and choose comfort over a few challenges. They can also eat home-cooked food and make the necessary lifestyle changes at their own pace. However, none of the food or activities must violate the suggestions of the healthcare provider.

Now, you might wonder, how long is rehab? It usually depends on how severe the case is. Much better that you seek professional help.

The cost of outpatient rehab is less costly than inpatient rehabs. Staying for a single night at a residential facility is much cheaper than waiting for a prolonged time. If the patient has adequate health insurance, they can get the outpatient rehab cost covered. If you get pressed for cash, you can opt-in for outpatient rehab and get the benefits.

The decision to choose an inpatient and outpatient rehab depends on your requirement and budget capacity. Once you decide how you want a loved one to overcome their drug addiction, you choose anyone that caters to the cause at hand.

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