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Facial Plastic Surgery: What Services You Can Get

Taking time to look at yourself in the mirror should always be a priority. It has become a norm and something that people can hardly do without. But people never have similar experiences when in front of the mirror. And it is understandable.

There are times that you could find the image in the mirror to be less satisfactory. Perhaps a little rugged and older than you expected.

It could be a big disappointment, right? But should you stop living because of this simple observation? Or should you visit a facial plastic surgeon in San Francisco, CA?

Indeed, you might loathe what you see in the mirror, but never should you hate life. Perhaps all that you are aiming at is looking good in the public. Or possibly getting accepted in society. Whichever your motivation is, you are sure that facial plastic surgery will come in handy for you.

But hold on. Should we take a moment and understand a few basics about this procedure, we will make informed decisions over time. And most likely, that is what you need right now. It is in this light that we take a look into some of the most vital elements of facial plastic surgery.

The basics

Usually, people will choose to enhance their beauty for distinct reasons. While some will opt for it for corrective purposes, some will want to improve on what they already have.

For instance, if you get in an accident and your face becomes deformed, surgery will be essential in making you whole again. On the other hand, various people could choose this procedure for them to feel accepted and part of society. It could also be for the boosting of their confidence.

Interestingly. The success rate in plastic surgeries is relatively high. Once you subscribe to the treatment, you are confident of enhanced chances of better results and recoveries. For instance, a study by Healthline in 2018 showed that only 1% of the patients had post-surgery complications.

While at it, it would be fair to mention that there are multiple procedures that you can consider. Perhaps, it would be best for you to make yourself familiar with all the surgeries that you could consider for your face. This way, it will be easier to establish what will meet your needs and preferences. They include the following.


You could also refer to a facelift surgery as a rhytidectomy. It is a cosmetic procedure aimed at giving you a more youthful as well as glowing appeal. This process is vital in tightening the skin on your face.

Often, the process tends to address sagging and skin folds on your cheeks or jawline. You could also rely on it for adequately altering the shape of your face. Did you know that the surgery will play a vital role in removing any deep creases on your face?

But what does the surgeon do during this procedure? Mostly, they will make special incisions under the chin. It is from here that the expert raises your skin off the facial fats and muscles. The skin is then dragged upwards and towards the posterior. This way, any excess skin is removed.

Perhaps you are wondering how long this procedure takes. Well, you will spend between 2 and 5 hours under the knife. Afterward, you will be unrestricted to go home for further recuperation. The healing process will often vary. However, it is never too long. Besides, there are minimal side effects.

Chin Implants

Do you feel uncomfortable with your cheeks? Well, such is the best time for you to consider these chin implants. The process is also
called genioplasty. These implants are products of biocompatible materials, often silicone. Their molding is personalized to suit the cheek of specific patients.

Interestingly, the permanency of these implants is remarkable. They could easily last you a lifetime. Doesn’t this assure you of value for your money over time? However, you will be free to remove them whenever you feel.

In most cases, this augmentation will also be definitive of your chin and jaw. It is through this that you will be sure of a better balance to your face’s profile. The average cost of this procedure lies between $2500 and $3020.

Eyelid Surgery

Well, you could call it an eye lift too. This procedure will often come in handy for those who want to reduce baggy lower eyelids.

Incisions will be done right below the lash line or in the eyelid. It all is subject to the severity of the condition.

In most cases, it will be carried out for cosmetic purposes. However, it will also be beneficial for those who want to improve their eyesight, especially the old. Did you know that this procedure is usually blended with laser resurfacing to reduce any lines or wrinkles?

This procedure comes with a relatively short recovery period. But it would be advisable to rely on cold compresses during the first two days after the surgery. Through this, you will be confident of lesser swelling and even bruising around the eyes. While at it, this procedure maintains its effectiveness for up to 7 years.

Ear Refinement

The ear is part of the face, right? Ear refinement is a vital process in reshaping your ears. For instance, it is not infrequent to find people with bat ears, irregular shapes, or even preauricular growth. With this procedure, you will be sure of a perfect solution to all these problems.

Otoplasty, as it is also known, improves as well as restores the position and shape of the external ear. This procedure can correct any problems that are present at birth, including those that develop over time. It will also play a role in giving you the balance and even proportion to both the ear and face.

In conclusion, it is never vile a sin for you to aim at improving your beauty. Beauty is the haven of confidence. And any procedure that you find suitable for your face, vim at maximizing it. Go for beauty. Go for confidence.