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What is the Best Website to Sell Handmade Jewelry?

If you are a crafty person who makes and sells handmade jewelry and wonder where you can sell them, you are not alone. There are numerous websites where you can sell handmade jewelry. Most people are not even aware that these websites exist. Click here to see some of the best handmade jewelry and where you can sell yours.

This article compiles a comprehensive list of the best online websites to sell your handmade jewelry. Our goal is to help your side hustle generate more income and to assist you in trading your crafts for money. 

This list will help you pick the most appropriate website for you, and if you choose one and realize it’s not practical, you can try another.

1. Etsy

Etsy holds a golden standard in outstanding trading items and handmade jewelry. It allows you to open your shop and pay a small amount for trading your handmade jewelry.

The best part about this website is that it assists you in promoting your jewelry hustle through running campaigns and advertisements to place your items center and front in front of potential clients.

Etsy allows clients to review their favorite store, products, and much more, expanding the customer base for you.

2. eBay

If you have handmade jewelry or something outstanding, eBay creates a fantastic place to help you to sell them. It allows you to make keywords that will lead your clients or interested people to your jewelry.

To have more power over your prices, you can either include your items in a fixed price or auction list. eBay offers helpful seller protections and shipping tools to ensure your payments for your sales are correct and safe.

3. Aftcra

This site is committed to people who sell handmade jewelry. You can use Aftcra to sell your jewelry, especially if you are a citizen of the USA. You only require a PayPal account to help you register then you can start earning money from your jewelry sales.

4. Artfire

Artfire allows you to open a shop and sell your handmade jewelry. This website requires only a small fee to make your sales. It comes with unique features such as advertising tools to assist in marketing your items and a whole community to help all crafts communicate with one another, get advice, and give advice.

5. Bonanza

This website involves featuring outstanding items such as handmade jewelry. Bonanza allows you as a craft person to sell your handmade jewelry without any setup fee or listing fee. This website also allows you to sync your items with other places like Google, where you sell your stuff, to help you monitor your sales.

6. Cratejoy

This website is designed to allow people to sell subscription boxes they have made. If you need to go in a random direction when selling your handmade jewelry, you can try to put your items inside subscription boxes and drive sales using Cratejoy. You will pay for the transactions and listing, though it is free to list your handmade jewelry on the Marketplace.

7. Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is a website focused on everyday items to sell, such as handmade jewelry. You can list your jewelry design to customers willing to buy it and sell using their site instead of trading your items to clients directly.

8. GLC Mall

This website offers you an opportunity to open your shop and sell your products by managing an inventory. If you want to experience among the few honest and faithful surveys and gift card panels and earn cash for your belief, join Opinion Outpost. It allows you to redeem your stack of points in a transparent manner. Depending on the number of items you need to list, you are free to pick any plan.

9. iCraft

Among the best products to trade on iCraft is handmade jewelry. You will need to pay a small fee each month to upload your products. There is no listing or hidden cost required.

10. Your Website.

You can still sell your handmade jewelry on your website. This is the best method to sell your items, especially if you have information about creating a more straightforward website. You may opt for Shopify to help build your site, though you will be required to pay a small monthly amount to aid your business.

An individual website helps you sell your handmade jewelry, specifically how you prefer your terms and the price you want. It is different from other sites where you must conform to their terms and conditions if you use their website. You can also use your site to advertise your products.

Final Verdict

As we have seen above, there are many websites where you can sell your handmade jewelry. Try out the ones listed in this article to assist you in earning and even build your own business. 

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