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What Is The Cheapest Way To Build A Deck?

Deckbuilding is an expensive venture, so much so that people take a second mortgage to help construct it. In 2017 a sensor on homeowners found out that Americans spend about $2500 to build their decks. However, in 2020, Remodeling Magazine did a survey and found out that, on average, Americans spend about $10,000 to construct one. As you can see the cost is rising and fast. On the other hand, the price also depends on an array of factors. One of them is the company you select to work on your deck. The first step is to find a reliable company such as Maryland deck builders to help you build the perfect deck for your family. Even so, there are ways to reduce the cost but still get the deck you are looking for.


Andrew Wormer, a famous deck builder, created the 50/50 rule in deck building to help estimate construction costs. He stated that for every dollar you place in material buying, put another dollar for construction. Therefore if the material you buy costs $1000, you should also expect to spend $1000 on installation and labor. Of course, this is not an exact science. However, it does help in estimating costs so that you can budget better. Furthermore, this should not be your go-to rule for budgeting, especially with the rapidly changing economy. There are other factors you should consider as well.


The construction material you use may affect the cost of the deck construction significantly. Most decks are built from wood; as you might expect, the price of timber has skyrocketed in the past years. As the government cracks down on deforestation and tree felling permits are harder to obtain, you would expect this to affect the timber industry. Therefore if you are looking to build your deck cheaply, you can opt for an alternative material.

PVC Deck: I can see you cringe, but bear with me for a second. Technology has improved significantly in the construction industry. PVC or plastic can be molded in many shapes and designs to the point that it is almost unrecognizable as plastic. Therefore you can find excellent quality PVC material for deck building that resembles wood. The best thing about PVC decks is that they are inexpensive. However, it would lose the whole point if the deck was cheap and did not look appealing. As a result, find quality PVC deck material to ensure you do not lose the aesthetic of your house.

Another advantage of PVC decks is that they are durable. Unlike wood, PVC does not rot. This means it can last a very long time without breaking or needing maintenance. It is also light and easy to clean, ensuring easy and cheaper installation. Its lightness also facilitates easy transportation, unlike wood, reducing your deck costs further. 

Rubber Deck: there you go cringing again! But just like PVC decks, technology has evolved, and rubber can be designed to look like wood. This is a better option than PVC decks but also slightly more pricey. It is durable and does not rot, meaning you can have it for many years without much maintenance. Its lightness allows for easy transportation and installation. 

The added advantage is that it is excellent for DIY deck building as rubber is easier to handle, reducing the chances of injury during construction. Its malleable nature ensures easy installation even if you are not an expert constructor. 

Pallet Deck: Although still made from wood, pallet decks are less expensive and a go-to for many Americans today. They have a rustic appeal that can work for almost any house. Furthermore, you can use pallets to construct the deck furniture, reducing your costs further. However, they require quite a bit of labor compared to the other suggestions we have mentioned, meaning they are hard to DIY if you have little experience. 

The finishing of a pallet deck must be done to perfection for it to work for your house. On the flip side, it can be durable and has a great appeal as it is easy to add a personal touch such as LED lights to make it stand out.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to deck building. You can also decide to build your deck from concrete. But it would be best if you were careful with this approach as you risk your deck looking like a patio. You need a skilled and experienced deck builder to help you construct such a structure. 

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