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When Vintage Is In Style: How to Turn Back Time and Decorate With Old Edison LightBulbs

Do you want to get with the vintage aesthetic?

Interior design is a tricky subject to nail down because of people having different tastes. This leads to many trends in interior design for everyone to look forward to. What’s great about it, though, is that everyone can appreciate any design as long as it’s well-executed.

An aesthetic that people will love is a vintage design. This is because people appreciate the simplicity and warm look of vintage aesthetics once again. The great thing is that it’s easy to pull off this style with Edison light bulbs.

These were the first bulbs that made electronic light possible during the turn of the 20th century. Find out how you can use these bulbs and how they make for a great vintage style interior design by reading the guide below.

What Makes These Bulbs Appealing?

Before we get into how you can use these bulbs for interior decoration, let’s find out what makes them a good option. Here are the reasons for these bulbs to be appealing to everyone.

1. They Emit a Cozy Glow

The main reason for people to find these appealing is because of their warm glow. This is because of the unique filament wires that these bulbs use for light. These spark and emit a continuous orange glow when a current of electricity passes through them.

These give the Edison bulbs the signature squiggles inside them. It’s also the reason they look more artistic than other light bulbs. Most Edison bulbs have a simple line of the filament that lights up when turned on.

Other Edison bulbs wires of filament arranged in intricate patterns. This causes them to look amazing when you turn them on. The patterns they emit also make for great focuses in the house.

2. Their Design and Style Endure Time

What’s great about Edison’s bulbs is that they come in different shapes and sizes. This means that finding one that suits your tastes won’t be a problem. The best thing about these bulbs is that there are even new designs that come out on the regular.

This ensures that there will be modern-looking ones for you to use. This will be great if you plan on using a hybrid of vintage and modern looks in your home. Despite this, though, there’s no reason for you to not use vintage bulbs for the aforementioned design.

This is because the original designs of these bulbs are timeless. People still love how they look even years after production.

3. Versatile and Durable

Another great aspect of these bulbs is that they’re versatile. Like other retro lightbulbs, you can craft different items from them. You need not worry about them breaking apart, too.

This is because of how durable these bulbs are. They can withstand tampering and some hard knocks against some surfaces. This makes them a great investment as regular bulbs.

Rewiring these bulbs is also easy. You can see where you need to hook the wire up in an Edison bulb. This makes it easy to weld intricate sculptures without having problems turning all the bulbs on.

4. They Blend Well with Anything

Another reason for people to love these lights is that they’re easy to integrate into the house. These lights look well against any background and also work well with different colors. This is because of the neutral tone Edison bulbs emit when you turn them on.

It allows them to stress other colors instead of stealing the viewer’s attention. Against dark backgrounds, though, they make for great focal points. The contrast they give makes them look even more beautiful than other lights.

How to Decorate Using Edison Light Bulbs

There are many ways for you to use Edison light bulbs as decoration. Here are the simplest ways to bring out the most from these bulbs.

1. Craft Personalized Lamps

As mentioned above, Edison bulbs are durable and easy to rewire. This allows you to craft unique pieces of furniture to decorate your home with.

Crafting unique lamps also allows you to add a touch of the steampunk aesthetic to your home. You’re also not limited to lamps with Edison bulbs. You can get creative and craft different furnishings like small tables and fans, too.

You can create multipurpose furniture this way. Tables and chairs that have lights coming from below make for great furnishings. You can even create a nightstand that can double as a lamp for you to read better by the bed.

2. Bathe the Kitchen with Light from These Bulbs

The kitchen is among the places where you will spend most of your time. It can also be a place for gatherings if you’re having your friends over. This makes it a great area to light up with Edison bulbs.

The accent, ambient, and task lighting in the kitchen can benefit from getting swapped with Edison bulbs. Accent lights will make the kitchen look warmer and cozier. Ambient lights will help you achieve the vintage aesthetic.

Task lights can help you relax while preparing a meal. Using Edison bulbs in the kitchen also accent any aged wood in the area. It’s the perfect way to emphasize any aged furniture in the kitchen.

3. Leave them Hanging from a High Ceiling

A great way to use Edison bulbs is to situate them in high places. This is because dangling lights are always beautiful to look at. Edison bulbs also provide a light level that doesn’t hurt the eyes.

It’s also a great way to create a unique ambiance for events and specific areas. They will give a glow that will help people focus on the furniture they hang above. Doing this will make it easier for guests to feel comfortable in your home.

You can also wrap them around tall objects. This will have the same effects as the dangling lights, but these help you create a more vibrant façade for your home. They can also make hallways and other corridors look more welcoming.

Turn Back Time and Decorate Your Home Today

Keeping the vintage aesthetic in your home is easy with the help of Edison light bulbs. Learn how to decorate your home with these bulbs today!

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