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Physiotherapy for a Better Well-being

In Singapore, many choose to have their physiotherapy at Elevate Physiotherapy. It is the foremost provider for physiotherapy services in Singapore with aim to help patients be more active and have a better shape. They offer one on one treatment and customized programs depending on the patient’s case in a powerlifting gym for safety purposes and for preparing clients for their sports competition.

Getting physiotherapy can help locate the root causes of the chronic pain you are experiencing. It is a treatment to re-establish, keep up, and take advantage of a patient’s versatility, capacity, and welfare. It also helps through physical restoration, injury anticipation, and wellness. If you have recurring body issues like muscle strains, sprains, fractures, and nerve injuries, it is time for you to visit Elevate Physiotherapy. Their services include:

Sports Injuries

To help the patient get better from injury or trauma caused by sport activities, Elevate Physiotherapy offers treatments such as sports massage, shockwave therapy, radiofrequency therapy, and technique correction.

Sports Massage Therapy

This is very beneficial for the event planning, recuperation, healing, and maintenance of the body’s muscles. It is a massage therapy which focuses on the body parts that are mostly overworked during physical activities.

Shockwave Therapy

Effective in treating kidney stones, tendon inflammation, ligament damage, joint capsules, muscles, and bone injuries.

Radiofrequency Therapy

Promotes healing to the desired tissue by distributing high-frequency electromagnetic energy.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This helps the lymphatic system work appropriately by depleting excessive undesirable fluid by a long, slow, and cadenced strokes massage. It improves blood circulation and reduces stress.

Physiotherapy includes the prohibition, examination and procedure of diseases of a person’s motion because of sports injury, pain in body and/or illness. Physiotherapy assists people to reduce pain, increase muscle energy, joint range, develop immune system and develop better respiratory function.

General areas that are easily damaged during a physical activity.


Human shoulder offers the largest range of movement in human body, enabling us to swing our arms in different directions. Injuries to our shoulder area are very general, mostly happen in sporting games that require intense movement. lots of shoulder problems establish progressively, and may result in severe diseases if it is not cured cautiously.

Back and Spine

Your back and spine hold up people’s body framework and includes various nerves that send and obtain signals from one’s brain. Trauma to our spinal area may give rise to acute health illnesses and even paresis. It’s really good to be alert of the warning signs to escape any long-term medical illnesses.

Foot, Ankle

Your foot and ankle are joined by our ligaments which function to offer energy to people’s body. Human foot formed of 28 bones and more than 30 joints, with only 3 different bones.


injuries to wrist are pretty common. But certain issues, if not healed promptly, may induce critical issues. The primary nerves of our wrist (radial nerves), that operate to relay signal to the brain, thereby developing motion


Human’s knee is a critical structure in everyone’s body responsible for moving. Our knee is the largest joints in human’s body, made from 3 bones – our thigh bone, the tibia bone, and then the patella – joined with bind tendons. Most minor damages e.g. cuts restore easily nonetheless certain damages can rise to serious health issues that would lead to poor knee ability in the future.

These injuries in their initial stages would surface cunning signs that can get worsen after some time, it is recommended that you visit a sports clinic if you are damaged in a physical activity.

Different type of sports traumas

Physical injuries are very general in teenagers. Nearly 2 million young persons are harmed in the course of fitness activity per annum.

The most popular sports injuries among youngsters are strains. Contact sports, like hockey, create more injuries than noncontact sports, as for example swimming.

Different brand of physical injuries

create different syndromes. The most usual physical injuries comprise:

Inversion sprains. Tearing our ligaments will cause ankle sprains. Ligaments are pieces of tissue that connect 2 bones to our joint.

Tissue injury. Twisting the muscles can result in body muscle strains. Tissue injuries are usually misunderstood as normal sprains.

Knee injuries. Any wound that meddles how a person’s knee joints lifts might be a major damage.

Fracturing. Fractures is the discontinuity of our joints into many segments over the force of sports injuries or a medical condition like: osteogenesis imperfecta.

Luxation. Sudden trauma on joints would break a bone in our body. When this happens, one bone is moved out of its socket. Joint dislocation will occur usually in forearms and hips, this might be dreadful and cause damage to muscle.

Keeping away from Physical damages

The best approach to avert a sports trauma is stretching. Inactive muscles are easily weaker body. Warm muscles are better. They could absorb quick jumps, having less damage.

And also, train these methods to prevent a physical injury:

Having proper technique

Employ the proper technique to run away through your sport. Different type of activity demand for different stances. Such as, in various sports game, lifting knees at correct time can assist us in preventing a damage to our leg.

Getting appropriate equipment

Wearing correct shoes. Assure you equip a correct gear, these could minimise your risk for injuries.


In your first visit, you will go through a thorough test for your condition. A physiotherapist will then provide a meticulous prescription of the root cause of the damage and duration of recovery.

Upon acquiring a right detection, our medic will schedule a restoration program which optimises the treatment’s effect. Physical therapy normally is not aggressive, also all the Orthopaedic’s specialist will frequently involve the patient in the operation and originate a complementary partnership to supervise your health. Our doc will train you on approaches to avoid more harm.