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Free and Easy Ways to Make Money on YouTube in 2021

Have you been looking for a creative online way to make money? Becoming a Youtuber is the best choice for you in today’s world. Many individuals are already making a decent amount of money there. Generally, generating cash on youtube is not exclusive, and there many opportunities for everyday individuals to earn a living through youtube.

However, it is challenging without a supportive guide since there are countless ways to choose from. Luckily, I have researched dependable and effective ways, tested and approved to help you make money on Youtube.

1. Create products, promote them on your channel.

Youtube provides unlimited ways for us to promote our products and also make sales. Besides, some of the beneficial products you can start creating are apps, music, art, and ebooks. Consider, to add your products into the shopping cart after creating. Then utilize Youtube to promote them effectively. Further, add an active link to the products in your specific video’s description, so your viewers will buy.

2. Utilize youtube and get traffic to your blog and website

Do you have a blog or website that eventually brings you income, consider getting traffic. Besides, some of us were hit by Google’s panda, Hummingbird, and Penguin. However, if it happened to you, use youtube to regain the traffic and also increase it.

Further, get started with easy Creator Playbook, and repurpose some of your older content to videos and create new videos as well. Additionally, ensure to link your website in the first line of your content descriptions to funnel your channel traffic to anywhere you want it to reach.

3. Create web TV series

Do you love telling stories? Admirably, youtube allows people to create their web TV shows. Knowledge is the key to any profitable business; thus, utilize your wisdom rightly. In this case, create interesting comedy series, your talk or drama series shows.

You can include your family members or friends and record your TV shows together. People have been drawing a lot of attention by telling exciting stories on their channels and making a decent amount of dollars.

4. Become a Youtube personality

Youtube stars can and are making a lot of income. Besides, if you have quirky ideas or preferably passionate concerning your interest, develop a youtube channel. Create and sell online courses as a way of monetizing your channel even without Adsense.

Both Udemy and Skillshare are popular online communities that allow us to consume classes and teach, taught by entrepreneurs, creators, and professionals worldwide. PewDiePie, despite losing significant advertisement he remained at the top of the highest-paid in youtube with about 15 million dollars back in 2016. How do you know you might be the next star?

5. Crowdfunding

Many of us have either heard or come –across crowdfunding. It is becoming more popular with the introduction of Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Therefore, it could be a beneficial source of cash if you got the inordinate idea for a media project on youtube. Besides, this platform eventually generates revenue for someone’s project in the future and also establishes your audience.

6. Partner with youtube and earn from ads

Ads are an essential revenue stream. Being a youtube partner, you will make money in easy and different ways. Besides, we can make cash from advertisements before channel memberships, videos, or Google AdSense active banner ads.

Before getting certified by youtube, you must have a minimum of 4000 video active watch hours for the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. By this, you will eventually receive a share of income from effectively advertising on youtube.

7. Work with different brands as an affiliate or influencer.

Brands are typically investing more of their income in influencer marketing. Depending on someone’s leverage, your fan’s demographics, how profitable and unique your niche is, and content quality, you can negotiate a beneficial deal if the brand got good profit.

Besides, becoming an active influencer on youtube is lately reported as a top-paid platform for brand partnerships. In this case, the only key when partnering on any brand-sponsored content is transparent on it, avoid endorsing anything you don’t believe in or like.

8. Sell your branded products.

There are many products to sell, making a fair amount of money on the youtube channel. Snapbacks, tote bags, coffee mugs, and many other related products have benefits beyond income.

Also, selling products increases exposure by putting your online personality and brand out to the offline world. And also deepen the relationship with your fans. Beneficially you can order inexpensive designs tailored for particular products such as T-shirts utilizing freelancing sites like Fiverr.

9. Conduct physical events

Being a content creator, you may inform, entertain, educate and inspire your fans. Think about taking relationships with them to the next level via offering these experiences live. Besides, start conducting such events in popular and engaging niches such as learning, fashion, art, business, design, health, fitness, DIY, cooking, music, and dance educators.

Some popular YouTubers like Rachel Bowman conduct boutique live events, and her earlier week-long retreats resulted in 25,000 dollars. Based on your niche, you can consider teaching any skill via running a particular retreat. This way it has earned a lot of cash on youtube; you can also try it for excellent results.

10. License your videos to the media

Who knows, you can create viral content with mass appeal. Something like a funny clip featuring our pets, you can probably license such videos in exchange for money. The TV news outlets, online news sites, morning shows, and other related creators may reach out concerning rights to utilize your content if they come about going viral.

Further, you can choose to market your content in a marketplace like Jukin media. This is where your video will get more manageable and the right individuals to find and buy. Generally, if you have funny and cute videos of your babies, dog, and other related adorable creatures, you can license them.


Anyone can make money on youtube. All it takes is your interest, focus, and hard work because it is not easy without you working on it. Even the most popular YouTubers who are earning millions of dollars on youtube are working for it. Consider the above reliable, easy, and free techniques on how you can successfully make money on youtube and be a proud YouTuber.