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5 Benefits of Buying Your Tactical Gear in Tac Toys

Buying a gel blaster online puts you in line for a lot of fun. However, buying it from the wrong online retailer can leave you in tears. The problems with disreputable online retailers run deep. From blasters of low quality to poor customer service, you can end up with a sub-standard blaster and a system put into place to make returning your product a bureaucratic nightmare.

Conversely, the benefits of purchasing your blaster from TacToys are many. From gel blasters of outstanding quality to a variety of accessories, you are guaranteed to what you are looking for. Additionally, you have access to a variety of gear, so your shooting experience is fun to the point of being paramilitary. Finally, you have access to top customer service dedicated to protecting your investment in fun.

1. Quality blasters

When it comes to gel blasters, high quality is an absolute requirement. The build must be durable, and the working parts must work smoothly, time and time again. Of course, the parts must be high precision in that the magazines must snap securely into place without wiggling or feeling loose. The expandable gun stocks and rifle butts should extend and still feel solid. Laser sights must be bright and visible, and the scopes should offer clear viewing.

In terms of texture, although gel blasters are toys, they should not feel like smooth plastic, and they must have a certain amount of weight to them. Finally, the most obvious sign of quality is that they should shoot accurately without jamming, and the gel capsules should not jam in the hopper or in the magazines. Simply put, when you buy one of our gel blasters, you get quality–time and time again.

2. Gear and accessories

If you are buying a blaster, you are going to want gear to wear and accessories. When it comes to gear, we have you covered–literally. From helmets to tactical vests, you are going to look like you belong in special ops. Additional gear and accessories include the following items.

  • glasses
  • slings
  • tactical belts
  • rifle bags
  • leg holsters
  • lasers and hologram optics
  • masks
  • tactical gloves
  • tracer units

All this gear is great for the field. However, we also have t-shirts and branded caps for sale, ensuring you are covered off the field as well.

3. Safety

Gel blasters are toys, but they must also be used safely. Each gun comes with a sturdy safety switch. While the safety switch is engaged, the blasters will not shoot. To engage the gun, simply flip the switch, and you are ready for gel-blasting combat.

In terms of additional gun safety, each gun is made of high-quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), which is resistant to chemicals, heat, and impact.

Although you will probably not be exposing your blaster to chemicals and high heat, you will need the peace of mind that a few bumps and bangs will not break your blaster. Rest assured, in terms of durability, ABS can withstand everything you throw against it.

Finally, ABS is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

4. Customer service

Of course, your unopened, unused purchase is protected for 30 days from the purchase date. More important, customer service does not simply apply to returns. In fact, most customers are thrilled with their purchases and return over and over again as they build a greater stock of blaster weapons and gear. Additionally, if you have questions or need something, we can point you in the right direction.

For new customers, we are available to answer all your questions regarding usage and licensing. We can also offer advice on the best blasters for new shooters. For convenience, you can chat with an online blaster expert or call us.

Finally, we offer a wholesale program for buyers making bulk purchases.

5. Happy customers

When it comes to happy customers, rest assured, you are in good company. We have been serving customers for years, and when you buy online, the purchase is convenient and quick.

Additionally, following your purchase, you can log into your account and track your purchases and ask questions about upcoming products. Finally, to help you save money, you are always given notice of online specials.

That said, sometimes, it is important to touch and feel the blasters prior to purchase. In these instances, you are covered. We have our own superstore where you can come in and see all the fantastic models. Sometimes, being able to hold the blasters is the only way to determine which one might work best for you.

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