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How to Change The Colour of Leather Armchair

You have had the leather armchair for some time and it has been impressive. In other cases, the armchair might be of great importance because you bought it on a special day, was dedicated to you by your spouse, parent, or grandpa. However, the armchair is becoming old or it is out of sync with other furniture and need some colour changes.

The main question that many might ask at this point is: “Can you change the colour of the armchair and maintain its impressive allure? The answer is “yes”. Here is a demonstration of how to change the colour of a leather armchair.

Prepare the Leather Armchair

This is perhaps the most important step in the entire process. The goal is removing the waxes, silicones and oils that might be on the leather. If you do not clear these, there will be adhesion issues in the latter steps.

Preparing the leather also helps to clear the finish. If the leather was dirty, it is advisable to start by cleaning it with warm soapy water or leather ultra clean. Remember to clean the backside first before shifting to the front part. You might also want to use an abrasive pad to clear all the dirt and finish.

You can tell that the leather is ready when you start seeing colour from the surface to the abrasive pad or washing cloth.

Wipe the Leather Armchair with Alcohol Cleaner

The previous step helped to clear the finish and solvents that was applied by the manufacturer. However, there are some silicones and finishes that are not easily soluble in common solvents. To remove these from the leather wingback armchair, it is important to use alcohol cleaner.

After preparing the leather in the first step, spray the alcohol cleaner directly and wait for the alcohol to evaporate. Then, wait for about 30 minutes for the alcohol cleaner to evaporate. The leather will also have dried significantly because alcohol is highly volatile.

Apply First Layer of Colorant to your Leather Armchair

Shake the bottle of the colorant well and pour a small amount on a sponge. Then, rub it on the leather steadily to ensure it reaches all points. The goal is ensuring you apply a thin coat of colour so that it reaches even in gaps and creases.

The colorant will dry naturally though you can hasten the process using a hair drier. Once the first layer is dry, apply more layers using the same process.

Spray the Leather Armchair with More Colorant and Finish

Once you have applied the last layer of colorant, allow it to dry for about 30 minutes and apply additional layers using spray. Here, you should set the spray gun at some distance, approximately ½ foot, and apply evenly all over the black or brown leather armchair.

You can apply as many spray layers as you prefer until an impressive deep appearance is achieved. Note, that every layer should be allowed to dry before applying the next one.

Finally, you should spray a leather finish to bind together the colorant layers you have been applying in step two. First, you should apply about four to five shiny Super-Seal coats to form the base of a durable finish. Finally, apply the final layer of the finish to have the impressive colour of your leather armchair you have been yearning for.

If you note that the colour of your leather armchair is not impressive anymore, you do not have to throw away the chair if it is in great condition. The above steps can help you to change the chair into your preferred outlook.